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Background. Male 62,200# fair health. Needed something to do so I built a One Oceak Kayak. Now to use this kayak, in addition to the lessons I am going to take, I need a PFD. The kayak will be used on small lakes and possibly qiuet bays. A slow river is not out of the question either.

I can swim + or - 1/2 mile.

Searching this site, I have narrowed the choice down to the following three.

MTI Play

Stholquist Motion

NRS Extrasport Retroglide Sabre

I would guess that any of them would be acceptable but, would like opinions.

Thanks in advance.

Two for three!
Do I get a prize?

I have both, and use them more or less interchangably. I tend to use the Extrasport Sabre for canoeing, where I can let out all the adjustments and let it hang lower on my torso.

The Mocean is a trimmer fit, IMHO better for kayaking. I believe it has slightly less bouyancy than the Sabre. What I really like about the Mocean, and therefore all Stohlquist PFD’s is the diagonal strap that runs from the chest down to the small of the back. This strap pretty much eliminates ride-up on rotund folks like me - I cannot rely on a tight waist cinch to keep the jacket from riding up.

So I would recommend the Mocean for one buying a single PFD, unlike someone like me who is a serial shopper.


I like Extrasport when they come with a sticker. then you have something to stick on your boat. that is always cool.


I use the Sabre these days…
But that’s because I need pockets! I like the VHF radio pocket and I would say it is more comfy than my old Lotus Straitjacket. All those PFDs are fine. The ideal would be if you could try them on to see how they fit for you.

You weigh
Sixty-two thousand two hundred pounds and consider yourself in fair health?!?!?!?!

Just kidding, I just saw 62,200# and did a doubletake before it clicked.

Stohlquists float you on your back
I like Stohlquist PFD’s because they have more weight in the front than in the back. Most type III pfds float you face down. A Stohlquist PFD floats you face up. It won’t necessarily save you if you’re unconscious (type III pfds aren’t intended to) but at least there’s a chance. Additionally, it just seems like floating on your back would be more comfortable if you were separated from your boat.


I upgraded to a motion this year. It is now my primary, leaving my lotus rio grande for pool use and as a spare/loaner. Everything Jsaults said is dead on. Also, fyi, the motion was changed in 2004 to add some additional pockets. The picture on Stohlquist’s website is the new model. There are still some of the earlier models around and if you don’t need the latest and greatest you may find one of these at a substantial discount.


stohlquist brk
I was looking over the motion and the BRK, they look similar but the BRK is supposed to float you higher in the water what are the thought on that?

No PFD required !



Add Astral
Add Astral Buoyancy Tempo 200 to the list. Takes the shoulder adjustments of the Sabre and refines it further.

My $.02 worth.

See you on the water,




Just a note to thank you for the suggestions.

I ordered the Stholquist Motion.

The fact to floats you on your back was the tie breaker.


I think the Brik is designed primarily for ww use, Motion may be better for sea kayaking. Motion has more pockets and reflective piping. Brik is side zip, pull over head to put on, motion is a front zip. Comes down to what your preferences are. I would try them on (and as many others as possible) before deciding.


Thank you for the input!