P&H: 2/2 great responses from U.K.

#1 Response from P&H

A few months ago I was looking for a composite kayak to purchase…and demoed MANY. I decided upon the Sirius HF. During my search, I emailed P&H to ask about the different sizes the Sirius has been available in over the years. The following day I received an email with information and quickly received a current and an older brochure (which described the Sirius HF). The company offered an immediate and helpful response, even though they knew I was looking for a used Sirius HF.

#2 Response arrived today

I just restored the hull of my new/used Sirius. It required a good bit of sanding with my ROS…worked out beautifully. However, in doing so I removed the decals on the boat. At first I decided it looked fine without the decals. However, after some thought I realized I liked them…and who knows…although I surely like this boat now…I may want to sell it in the future and someone else may be looking for the ‘Sirius HF’ decals on the sides of the cockpit.

Well, I requested decals from P&H last week…and voila…they arrived today.

Now that is customer service!


Gelcoat hardener?
I too have received astounding service from P&H. I purchased a used Quest with a few stress cracks in the deck gelcoat. I e-mailed P&H with a question about properly matching the color and, without even asking, they sent me a half a pint or so of properly color matched resin - gratis! How’s that for service! And for a used boat to boot!

The only down side is, because it would be a problem to send it through the post, they said I should purchase the hardener locally. Does anyone know what is the proper hardener to use with P&H gelcoat power? Are there different formulas or are all hardeners comparable? Maybe I’m being overly cautious, but I don’t want to muck up an otherwise great boat. Also, any suggestions for good, basic gel-coat repair instructions on the net or otherwise? All I found so far have been too simplistic or brand specific

You might want to…
get in touch with P&H and get a suggestion from them. Glad to hear someone else has gotten the same very positive and immediate response as I have.

I have found the following to be REALLY helpful regarding gel coat repair:

Look at the pic labeled ‘gelcoat repair’…Brian’s site is an incredible resource… ( http://community.webshots.com/user/brian_nystrom )

Check out this site as well:

look under the ‘Gelcoat Repair’ heading (there are MANY great resources in this site):


I will be using some West Marine Gelcoat (as suggested by Brian Nystrom). A local fiberglass boat repair expert told me that after you mask off the area to be repaired, tape a layer of saran wrap next to the area with the flap open. Then use the gelcoat, and pull the Saran Wrap back over the surface and tape it down…push any bubbles away from the center…the wrap will help to flatten out the gelcoat resulting in less sanding/finishing.

Let us know how it goes…hope to go for it this weekend for the first time myself.