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In my search for a newer to me kayak I have been directed to a P&H Virgo MV buy someone who responded to my “Stratos 14.5L” seeking add. I know nothing about theses boats except they are expensive (approx $3000 all said and done) and that he is a dealer for them.

Any opinions on this model / brand? This one seems to be a new design in 2020 so there is not much to read about it. It is very unlikely that I will purchase one this season but I figured I would pick some brains.

2020 MY that’s what many composite boats would go for. Brand is a quality hull around the world for decades. Not familiar with the hull itself.

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P&H is an awesome company, they are still supporting my 1989 Baidarka Explorer.
The Virgo will pretty much take you anywhere you want to go.


Thought the Virgo was plastic? Shouldn’t be $3K.

Looked at them on land just before Covid last year when our local dealer had several on display but purchased a Delphin 150 instead. I knew that the Delphin is very playful and paddles better than you would think it would based on looks. Delphin is 15’ 5", 21.5" wide while the Virgo is a foot shorter & 1.5" wider. Weights are similar & my Delphin is about 1/2 or so pound lighter than the listed 55 lbs. Pricing - I think that you are using Canadian dollars & that still seems high but supply & demand may have an effect. I seem to recall that the dealer might have listed the Virgo (Feburary 29, 2020) right around $2,000 US$

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Kayak Academy has the 2021 Virgo MV at $1899 (brand new, not used).

Unfortunately I am dealing in Canadian dollars which adds about an additional $600.

Plus 15% sales tax

Sorry, Oldboo, I didn’t realize you were in Canada.

It’s tough shopping for boats. I swore I wouldn’t and would just get a new Rockpool Isel but that steep price tag has me looking around for other options.

No worries. We get accustomed to always seeing great US pricing then the reality of our cost.

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I have a P&H Valkyrie and it is a great boat. Since it is also a poly boat a few pros and cons:


  • Corelite X construction makes the boat feel a little lighter than you would expect
  • Durable, I’ve banged mine around, scraped it off rocks, caught it on protruding dock nails etc.
  • Great seat, footpegs, thigh supports. Highly adjustable, comfortable.
  • Good fit and finish


  • It’s never going to be as light as a composite boat
  • I don’t like the hatches:
    • My day hatch needs extra tension around the cover to keep it from letting in water during deep skulls on the right side
    • The Pod cover lets in a small amount of water if doing a lot of rolls
    • Front and Rear hatches on my boat are perfect though so maybe it is just the luck of the draw with minor variations in the manufacturing process of the hatch rims
    • Hard to get on, you really have to press them on then go around the edges and make sure the lip is in the groove
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Regarding the leaking hatch covers, are the hatch rings molded with the boat or separate pieces? I have the same issue on the ‘cockpit’ hatch on a Point 65 North Whisky 16, and found the molding on the hatch rim isn’t uniform (it’s much better on the other hatches). I think I’m going to take a file to it and try to take out the variations.

I paddled a Virgo LV a few weeks ago and liked it a lot. Would recommend it or the Stratos (I own a Stratos 12.5S) without hesitation - both are well built and nicely outfitted. Honestly I would go with whichever fits you better and is available when you are looking to buy.

Thanks for the insight everyone.