P&H Aries Seat Shifting???

Quick question for those of you who have an Aries. Have you noticed the seat flexing or shifting when you edge the boat?

The last couple of times I paddled the boat I had this sensation like something in the hatch was sliding from side to side when I edged the boat–super annoying–kind of like when you put a Nalgene bottle in the day hatch of a kayak.

While I have to investigate more, I think it is the seat shifting/flexing from side to side. That’s the only thing I can think of because I have checked my hatches and there is not anything in them (which kind of shocked me at first).

Has anyone else noticed this?



Skeg floppage?
While on dry land set you boat on edge and fully deploy the skeg. Roll the kayak all the way over on to its deck. Grab the tip to the skeg and move it side to side.

Does it have excessive side-to-side play or ‘floppage’? If so, that is probably the noise you are hearing (e.g. skeg hitting the skeg box and the sound transfer through hull). I was getting this on my new Cetus LV. I obtained some additional nylon washers from Dinver at P&H/Pyranha. End of that problem.

I am not experiencing that in my Aries, Matt. Solid as a rock and no noise.

Maybe you should buy mine? LOL