P&H Aries?

I have read very little about this new P&H boat but it has caught my attention. Has anyone seen one? Paddled one? Are they available yet? I paddled a Whisky 16 this fall at Tybee Island and liked how it surfed. I am hoping the Aries might be a second surf loving boat to compare it to.

Delphin - then Airies
some prototypes are roaming around -

expect to see the plastic version “Delphin” 155 first …

the composite airies - prob summer time - check phpaddlers.com for latest -

i’m sure tybee will be one of the first places it heads - soon after arrival in the US - hoping to show at Charleston Symposium as well - in Apirl.

Some additional info and images


Aries and Delphin
Saw this from a search:


Sounds like the Delphin will precede the Aries this spring or summer? A 15’ low volume poly playboat with side rails sounds interesting.