P&H Aries???


Has anyone here paddled one or have opinions of the boat?

It looks like it would be a great little play boat for the surf.

Would be interested in hearing how it compares to other boats in this category like the Romany (with which I am quite familiar) and a bit about the fit–the Romany is a little small for me personally but the Aries seems like it may be slightly bigger.

Last, I notice that some dealers are selling them cheap right now. Is this an indicator that they are modifying the hull for next year’s version?


Adding a hatch
2013 models are getting a day hatch making it uniform with the 4 hatch layout of the Cetus. Utterly no hull changes planned.

As to performance, take the surf reviews of the Delphin and as Emeril would say “Kick it up a notch!” Acceleration, reaction times and alround responsiveness makes it a blast and more sporty feeling than the plastic Delphin version. (I know that’s very unquantifiable)

Yes, I’m biased. Being that the hull is so different from a Romany there’s no comparison. For reference it’s a 15’5" that turns as if its river running whitewater kayak but will keep up a good head of touring speed to allow you to travel the coast in search of playspots in the surf with acceleration to easily attain the wave face of your choice. The scalloped hard chine at the bow, med. soft chine and flat under the cockpit and very sharp rails at the stern make it play a wave face unlike any other typical hull shape I’ve had the chance to play with. With the increased volume around the front of the cockpit and the hard chines the paddlers heels tend to rest more outboard than with a rounded hull at the footbraces providing space for big shoes and a more knee upward orientation. Very low back deck. Connect-30 whitewater seat and backhand taken from Pyrahna whitewater line is very comfy and provides positive contact.

Being that the 3 hatch design is becoming a victim of fashion (I like the three hatch arrangement) there are deals to be had like the ones you might have come across on eBay!

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Have only paddled the Delphin, but…
Recently purchased a Sterling Reflection which IMO far outperforms either. If getting “a deal” is not most the important factor & you can be patient to get one, you owe it to yourself to try one out. I made the mistake of demoing one & ended up owning it.

All the best, t.george

What a review!
HI Marshal:

That review was so nice I may go out and buy a few. I’d like to have a 15.5 boat for a little of everything even paddling up quiet marsh streams as well. If I do get one, I’ll get it from you.

If the little of everything…
…includes a lot of flatwater, I’d guess Marshall has something more suitable. I have a Delphin and its rocker, hard chines and slim beam move it to the head of its class in surf and rough water. But, it isn’t fast and it doesn’t have much glide.

I hear it is slow
To me it seems that the slowest paddlers are in Romanys, but I hear the Delphin/ Aries is even slower. I cannot fit in a Romany so I cannot report in person. But I do fit in the 15.5 Delphin and it is slower than a fast sea kayak.

To me it seems like it is about the same speed as the 14 foot Dagger Alchemy. I weight 230 pounds and the weight and size of a paddler can make as much difference as the conditions.

I also notice that these slower and shorter surf/sea kayaks seem to keep up with the group better when the water get choppy enough to regularly wash over the deck.

Jay, going fast.
Hi Jay,

Orange or yellow? I’m passing through CT on Thursday and can drop one or two off to you. :slight_smile:

Speaking of Going Fast, Frank I don’t think the design expectation was ever expected to match an expedition length kayak. Being that the keel runs all the way to the plumb stern and the balance is rear weighted it keeps up a respectable cruise with a mixed assortment of other kayaks whenever we have a group out.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Moved from an Alchemy L
Went from the Alchemy L to the Delphin 155 and picked up some speed/efficiency. I tip the scales at 188 but not sure if that makes much difference in this case. Both nice boats but neither was designed with the primary mission being to carry a load over distance. I may be flaying a deceased dobbin here, but the context is that a friend was recently sold a Delphin as a “great sea kayak” and it hasn’t worked out well. If you won’t be covering distances on a regular basis but will be messing in frothy stuff, the fun doesn’t get much better than a Delphin.

When it gets choppy …
… And especially with nice sized following seas, the Delphin and Aries will not only keep pace but outpace some longer sleeker craft that in the flats are faster…

But, yes, they are not made for top speed and covering huge distances fast and smooth.

That said, for a 15.5 footer they are not that slow and are actually faster by a smidgen by Zephyr 155 or Chatham and noticeably by an Alchemy… If you want short and fast - Epic 16x would do, but you might not fit in it either (I don’t) but do in the D.