P&H Bahiya

P&H Bahiya

I have bought a 2004 P&H Bahiya. In the center of all three bulk heads there is a tinny hole, all the holes are in the same spot on all bulk heads. Dose any one know if the kayak would have came like this from factory?? /Y it would be this way/Or should I fix it???


they are there so that
pressure doesn’t build up and pop the covers off.

don’t "fix"
They’re too small to let water through, and centrally located so that even when the cockpit is full of water, the holes will not be covered. Keeps those soft KajakSport covers from popping off in the sun!

Thanks for the input


Very nice boat.

I hope to get it out it out allot

They are not too small for water…
…to get through. If you want pressure relief plus waterproof, glue a 1 inch piece of gortex so that it covers the hole, gluing around the edges so no glue touches the hole itself.

probably a blemish
a dab of silicon of marine glue should do the job