P & H Baidarka Explorer worth

Can anyone tell me what a FG P&H Baidarka Explorer would be worth ? Its about 15 yrs old & is in good condition. Thanks

What’s a Baidarka worth?
The answer is: It’s worth whatever you can persuade someone to pay you for it.

This is not simply a flippant answer, it’s actually the basic principle that any free market operates on. Your Baidarka is worth nothing to me–I wouldn’t pay you $20 for it. But these are uncommonly found for sale, and there may be someone out there that has been looking for one for a long time, an afficinado, a collector, who knows. Someone like that might be willing to pay a premium.

For a practical point of comparison, 15 year old Valley boats (Nordkapps, Skerrays, Pintails) in good condition often sell for $1000-$1200. If I were you, I’d use those prices as a base, add a little premium, say $200-$300, and see what happens. If no one bites, drop the price a couple of hundred dollars each month until it sells.

In New England used fiberglass seems to be around $1000 depending on condition and model, certain models might fetch more but something like a Gulfstream or used Quest don’t seem to go for more than $1400 unless they’re mint. I’d guess $1300 at most for your boat.

Check craigslist to compare prices but I can’t imagine getting much more than that.

I heard, friend of a friend purchased an old Nordkapp for 600$. The one with the pump behind cockpit.

I’m not selling
one. I know someone who wants to sell his but he doesn’t know what a good asking price is. I’d like to make an offer but don’t want to insult him, but on the other hand I want a good deal too.

If it was an old HM with the ocean cockpit and integral keel that’s probably about right. They were selling for less than $900 several years ago.

I googled it and found one for $1050 in Indiana, so depending on condition I would say $900 give or take.

I googled it too/ read some reviews …honestly …considering how old it is and whats available nowadays, I would not offer more than around $400 for it at best unless it’s in pristine condition, and then not much more than $600 best offer. there’s just too many newer used boats available too warrant spending too much on a 15 yr. old boat. There’s a cedar ? wood kit built Baidara , Laughing Loon model, for sale in the Northeast on craigslist , and he is asking $1500 for it, and it is around a few yrs old.

Hutchinson cultist?
If you were to encounter someone very dedicated to Derek Hutchinson or P&H early designs you might find interest in the boat. Otherwise $900 might be the most one would have to pay for such a boat.

I appreciate all the responces. It gives me some insight as to what to offer him for it.

rotisserie roll baidarka