P&H Bayhiya vs. NDK Greenlander Pro?????

I found a good deal on a Bahiya and am considering making the drive to go out and check it out / test paddle it.

Can anyone comment on this boat and perhaps how it compares to the Greenlander Pro.

I have had a Greenlander Pro in the past and regret selling it. I liked how fast it was and liked the way the hard chines helped to carve a nice turn and its great secondary stability.

I imagine the Bahiya is fast, and may be faster than the GP. Not sure how they compare with maneuverability and stability…or fit. I imagine the Bahiya probably has stability closer to that of a Nordkapp and probably fits a bit tighter than the GP but not sure.

Hoping that it will have great performance for surfing wind waves like the GP did.


any input?
any input on the Bahiya would be appreciated. Also curious how it may compare to the Nordkapp H2O in terms of speed, maneuverability and secondary stability.

I imagine it has similar speed and primary stability. Also imagine the Bahiya may have a bit better defined secondary; although I doubt it could be as maneuverable as either the Nordkapp or GP.

I paddle the Bahiya
I have a Bahiya, but I don’t have a GP or Nordkapp. The Bahiya falls more in line with the Sirius, if you’ve ever paddled one of those. It’s a tracker, and doesn’t feel pushed around in waves. The Bahia is easier to maneuver than the Sirius, but it is not what I would classify as an easily maneuverable kayak. The Bahia does have better defined secondary stability than the Sirius, but I don’t know how that compares to what you’re referencing. I have a Caribou and Legend, and the secondary stability is greater in both of those, as is the maneuverability.

The Bahia doesn’t have a lot of rocker. P&H stated that they reduced rocker in comparison to the Sirius. You need to drop in earlier on a beach break, but you’re also quite able to do it. The diamond shaped bow (steepled deck, peeked deck, v’d deck, whatever you want to call it) doesn’t grab the water so hard, so in cases where it isn’t extreme, you can pearl without significant braking exacerbating the situation, and keep right on through it. It’s good about holding your line on green waves and open water waves.

Here is a link to a video of me in the Bahia taken this past January.


Great video! Great paddling!
Gotta get out & surf more…your video is a real inspiration. Hope I can paddle that well someday :slight_smile:

My take…

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I am a big fan of the Greenlander Pro. It is a fast and fun boat that has moderate primary stability and outstanding secondary stability that kicks in pretty late, allowing you to edge it deeply, and that I find to be very maneuverable.

I actually just picked up a Bahiya. I found a good deal on a used and could not pass it up. I have only paddled it once, but here is my impression.

It is a good bit different than the GP. At first I found the stability of the boat to be extremely lacking. But then I remembered some of the reviews I had read that said that the secondary stability kicked in early. So then I tried edging it not quite as far and I found the balance point. From there with a good bow rudder in place you can easily edge it well beyond the balance point to carve nice turns.

I found it to be pretty maneuverable. It turned just fine in my opinion when edged a little beyond the tipping point. This was not hard given the reasonable amount of secondary that kicked in early. I found if you inserted a bow rudder at about this point that you could easily edge further with the support of the rudder in place. The secondary was not extremely well defined like in the GP, but adequate and much better defined than in a boat like the Nordkapp where there is really not a discernible difference between the primary and secondary stability, which both blend together pretty seamlessly (which is not to my liking).

I found the boat to be easy to accelerate and seemingly very efficient, and reasonably fast. More efficient than fast probably; although, I did not have a GPS to measure the top speed achieved so that is all subjective. Definitely more efficient than my Explorer though. No question about that. Maybe somewhat like the Nordkapp LV, a boat that is reasonably fast, and superbly efficient with great glide.

Although the secondary was tender, I found the boat was superbly easy to roll. A good sweep would leave you having to brace on the opposite side as the boat came around.

I think it is going to be a neat boat and a lot of fun. I am not sure about how well it will do in rough water or big seas yet though. I am looking forward to getting it out in some conditions. For really big conditions though I will still go to my Explorer for sure though.