P & H Capella RM 160

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To supplement my Impex OI but for shorter several-hour outings on more confined twisty freshwater, with laid-back rolls a desire, I've narrowed down a second kayak to these three and all are available used. I am not sure how comparable these three even are in terms of speed and rolling friendliness. For each I'd want one in plastic with a skeg: P&H Capella RM160, Necky Chatham 17, and Valley Avocet. (I'm 5-7 and 155 lbs.)

I have a great deal available on the P & H so am especially curious about this one. I will be test paddling it very soon.

Capella 160 RM
I have an ‘05 model and I really like it. The poly is 1st rate and it rolls very well. The cockpit may be a bit large for smaller paddlers (I’m 5’ 11", 184 lbs., and can easily plop in and pull my legs in) Definitely give the other boats a try. Good luck!


avocet lv

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I think the RM capella is a barge. Ever consider going smaller?

He’s too big for Avocet LV

But the original Avocet would be ideal for the purposes you espouse, plus a distinct difference, martin, to the OI.

I have the a Capella RM166
and although it is a little larger than the 160, I love it. It’s very easy to roll and is relatively fast - NOT a barge. The boat is faster than my old fiberglass Gulfstream was. It turns easily when on edge but tracks very well.

No experience with it on rivers, but it likes salt water very well.


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I've bought a new one in 2006. (Capella RM160)

When I was paddling with some friends in glass-boats, I had to work harder then my friends.
It's a slow boat, because the construction is to weak.

After paddling it a few month I've bought a glassboat again. (currituck)

Cap 160 RM
I am 5.9 @ 150, paddled quite a lot in Cap 160 RM. For comparison purposes, I usually paddle Avocet RM.

I do not like ergonomics in Cap 160 RM, but I generally prefer higher decked boats. The anatomically correct seat is anatomically not correct for my body; the uplifted front edge combined in lower deck height becomes quite annoying after a while.

The hull is excellent - edging is effortless. Cruising speed, hull response suffer a bit due lack of stiffness; that is plastic construction for you. But, plastic, in my experience, collects patina very well :wink:

The new skeg is much better than the old one.

If you have a chance, give Cap 166 RM a try.