P&H Capella

My neighbor has a P&H Capella in fiberglass for sale. He is in the military going over seas. He said he will take $1800 for the boat. he has had the boat about 6 months, and it has a few scratches from use, and a few small gelcoat cracks.

Is this a good price?

Yes, it is a real good price.
Here in Sacramento they retail for around $3200. (thats with Carbon/Kevlar hull, and the fiberglass deck) I wasn’t aware they made it in 100% fiberglass, but if so, it is still a good price.

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Not compelling not horrible

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No bargain for you but no rip off either. I paid about 1750 for a ten year old explorer but is was in good shape and not made by NDK (made by webb custom).

What's up with the gel coat cracks? Minor dings from rocks or foot long cracks around the coaming?

To me there is no difference between a two year old composite boat and a six month old boat, it's down to condition and how it has ben stored.

P&H Capella

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Just a couple of minor dings from rocks, and some scratches on the deck. The boat was slightly used as a demo before he bought it.

If you like it buy it
price is fair damage is necligible as far as I can see from here.

Take a powerful flashlight to it to shine through the hull and deck to look for damage, test paddle make sure the bulkheads are dry etc etc.

goodwin islands
noticed you live in my neck of the woods. I am hosting a race around goodwin island on oct 24th at 10:00 am. There will be a safety boat patroling during the race. Perfect opportunity to test out your new boat and paddle with the local club. The race will start at back creek park which is off of goodwin neck road (the continuation of denbigh blvd past 17)


Virginia Race
Hi can you send me so info on your race. It is a long way. I live in Pulaski Ny. my race baot is a Thunderbolt. Was injured all summer just starting to get back in sahpe. if you know of any other races this fall.

Thanks Dan