P&H Cetus LV Test & Long Term Review

From Douglas Wilcox’s Sea Kayaking blog:


read this last year

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and thought it a very fair review, refreshing to read from a tester when he didn't like in specific terms, with a followup as to how P&H addresses them. Was also good comparing it w. other boats of similiar design intent.

I don't paddle a P&H boat (have only demo'd some, incl. this Cetus LV) and confess I'm still on the fence w. the new pinch type skeg.

Of course, if I owned one I might admit to using the skeg every now and then - LOL - so it might be a non-issue. I certainly admire the consistently high build quality of all the P&H boats I've encountered.

Cetus vs. Cetus LV
There is another review for the Cetus there : http://seakayakphoto.blogspot.com/2010/03/p-cetus-long-term-test.html

I have not seen the LV review before, though the blog reuses some of the photos b/w the two reviews…

Cetus LV review… not written last year

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Mr. Wilcox did not write a review of the Cetus LV last year, but he did pen a review of the Cetus, as Kocho notes. Douglas did comment on the Cetus LV earlier this year on his blog in Feb/March, but indicated that the full review would come in June 2010, AFTER it was published in 'Ocean Paddler'.

I know what you are saying on the skeg. I found the thumb release on 2008-9 versions to be quite stiff. The 2010 Cetus LV I demoed recently didn't have that issue. However, note Douglas other comments on the P&H skeg. He indicates that the blade might be to 'flexy' for some. I thought they have fixed that issue after some negative feedback on the full sized Cetus.

They have corrected the skeg problem…

As to the “pinch type,” the slider is not a pinch type movement as many think. You have to push the slider forward, releasing it and using the lock to trim as needed.