P & H Cetus LV - where to see one?

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I've been pretty excited about the initial Cetus reviews although thinking the LV is a better fit for me. Realizing that U.S. product availability is very limited, is there any northeastern retailer or paddling festival that the LV might be available in spring 2008 to test paddle and ultimately order?

There were at least two at Sweetwater Symposium last month. Contact your distributor, and see if they can hook you up.

Cetus availabilty - and LV
Hi -

To clarify - we had 2 “Cetus” at Sweetwater not LV Cetus. That was a great event as usual - !

Cetus are available currently at most P&H dealers - if you have difficulty locating one just give us a call or email. I know we are sending them out every week now. The lack of availability is in reference to - NEW orders. That is, if you place an order for a custom Cetus, or wish to have a boat made that the dealer does not have in stock - its about a year out…

In regards to LV Cetus - it doesn’t exist yet in the public. I expect you’ll start seeing demos, etc this summer. We’ll also be making the LV version of the Scorpio (plastic Cetus) - again probably available this summer.

Thanks -

Jim - P*H Asheville NC

Cetus LV specs?
Are the specs for the Cetus LV available?

Hey Jim…will there be a Cetus LV at Charleston to demo?

old forge paddlefest
hi martin…your pro says your in upstate NY …try old forge the w/e of May 16-18th for the annual paddlefest there in the village by Mountainman outdoors. demo almost any boat they got. theres a $15 fee to demo and your supposed to sign a waiver but i never have.


other links to stores in Rochester…



where in upstate are you ??

MM no
Mountain Man is not a P & H dealer, that I know of.

Adirondak Paddle ‘n’ Pole, Lake George Kayak, and Atlantic Kayak Tours are P&H dealers.

I know Rich (PnP) had been waiting forever for a Cetus he ordered. I don’t know of his plans regarding a Cetus LV.

Ike at LGK has been focusing on the poly P&H boats, but might be planning on having a Cetus LV on hand.

Janice at AKT keeps some P&H boats at both locations and can easily move a boat from one to the other. She might be your best bet, within easy drive, to try a Cetus LV – whenever they actually appear :wink:

AKT no more

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The latest Atlantic Kayak Tour website shows they have dropped P & H! P & H has disappeared from their retail lineup. I assume this is because just down the road, the River Connection is a P & H dealer now? Perhaps Marshall will answer.

hi martin …i know …PH isn’t listed with MM but PH has had boat’s there the last 2 yrs i have gone …i thought the boats were very nice, well made, just out of my price range since they were fiberglass ones.

yes -
Yeah - really looking fwd.to charleston. hopefully some good surf at folley!

we’ll have the cetus there for sure - i’m hoping to fly in a scorpio as well for that weekend.

As far as NY goes - try Lake George ( i know we are delivering 2 after the kittery show). also Marshall at the river connection currently has one too. if you need help locating one closer feel free to call us. Bay Creek will be getting composites as well this spring.

Just now loading trailers to head to the jersey paddler show - we’ll have several there too. then off to kittery - then back down to charleston…

look foward to see you out there…

Happy Easter


Pyranha - P&h - Venture - Feel Free

Asheville NC

LV Dimensions
…are too preliminary at the moment to be announced. I don’t think you want my guesses. Check back after the model arrives and I’ll be more than happy to send you a picture and measurements of it.

Martin - you’re not that far away. You’re always welcome to drive a bit south to come visit. Showroom is open year round.

Beau-Guest - do your paperwork at MM. Tsk, Tsk.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY