P&H Cetus: MV vs HV???

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Just want to get some opinions here. I weigh about 210 now and am 5'8 and stocky (I hope to get down closer to 200 maybe). I am wondering which Cetus you would recommend: the MV or HV? I would use it mostly for day tripping and surfing open water on windy days. I would do some occasional overnight trips, but I am a backpacker so I pack light.

I think I am a bit on the heavy side for the MV. I like the fit of the MV (and my Aires 155)--both are pretty snug on me. I could go a bit bigger in cockpit size, but don't want to be swimming in the boat either.

I have not yet been able to paddle an HV or sit in one. I know that would solve the problem quickly, but I don't know of any that are close to me right now so am seeking some initial feedback. I guess my biggest concern is that the HV may be too big....but then again the folks at P&H seem to be able to make boats that fit snugger than they would appear.

thanks for your help


I’ve paddled both. I’m taller than you, but lighter and I liked the bigger boat a lot. But then I’m partial to longer boats.

If there were any way possible for you to demo these boats, I think it would be a good idea when investing this much. I think your height would indicate the MV, but your weight …

Both work
I use both models extensively. I’m 195lbs and when lightly laden either guiding, instructing or short duration races (i.e.: Blackburn, L2L) I use the Cetus MV. When I’m doing Watertribe events which kit + drinking water adds 55lbs I go with the HV as it shrugs off the load but behaves much like the MV. The seat is the same in both kayaks and my best description of the fit is that the HV feels like a half shoe size larger on me. I have both in my demo fleet and have put 240lb. paddlers in the HV as it will provide a performance ride for the linebacker build.

I do have one CK Light Bright Green Decked one that’s available.

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I'm exactly your size and I paddle the mv. I find the hv to be huge, but then again I like a snug fit.