P&H Cetus or Impex Assateague

I am looking at purchasing a new boat this year & want to get into a british style boat. I am 6’-1 & 220 lbs, so the boats get harder to find. I have narrowed it down to a P&H Cetus or an Impex Assategue. I am currently paddling a Nimbus Telkwa which I have had for about 8 years. They boat has been great, but I find I just paddle it as it’s too big to play around in. Any suggestions?

If you are looking to play
you might also try the Romany Surf, Romany RM or WS Zyphyr 160. Not so playful, but very good would be an Explorer HV. Try 'em all, if you can…


you are a bit smaller than myself
at 240lbs and 6’1" I paddle an Assateague for longer trips/expedition.

While I did demo a Cetus I had trouble fitting my rather thick legs around the front day hatch.

If you fit the Cetus you will find it a very playful boat with excellent speed that somehow unfortunately does not track great with following seas.

Dropping the skeg fully helps.

The Assateague on the other hand is a bit slower than the Cetus but surfs well (check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkkO2B5RMnU&feature=channel_page )

The Assateague suits large paddlers with lots of gear.

I use a Currituck as playboat.

I can not recommend the K-lite Impexes but the c/K or standard ones are great.

Don’t forget about the Tempest 180 NM

Same size paddler
I am 2 inches shorter and have had an

Asseteague for a few years now. I also demoed a p&h cetus and had mixed reviews. I was looking for something a little sportier… I ended up with a new Valley Nordkapp that is like a sports roadster, think Shelby AC Cobra. Now the Asseteague is like driving a BMW 700 series sedan. Lots of room and good feel and feedback.

what they said and…
i have a Formula Cadence which is now rebranded as the Impex Assateague. i also have a Romany Surf. the Ass is and all round, awesome one boat does it all. it plays like a much smaller boat due to the amount of rocker and full chines. it spins like few boats can. it will turn a tighter radius than my Romany Surf. i found the stock seat to be a shape less bench, so i made a foam seat and have outfitted the boat for nirvana like comfort. it is substantial, but not as huge as some make it out to be. a deep large day hatch is nice, but some find the back deck a bit high. my only real critiques are that it weather cocks assertively and you will rely on the skeg, it’s hard to edge it straight in some conditions, and it is an old Brit design, with the typical pinched bow, so it lacks some volume right up front, making for a wetish ride when fully loaded. no boat is perfect, but the Ass falls in the category of boats that come close such as the T180 already mentioned (they paddle almost exactly the same, my buddy has the 180 and we’ve played around a lot), the Explorer HV and maybe a couple others. i liked the Cetus a lot, but the cockpit it is a bit snug for the body english i like to employ when paddling. for my specs, see my profile. by the by, there’s an outside chance i might be selling mine if i get a KS Vivane, but it’s hard to think of parting with her, she’s a fine boat.

agree on the “beemer” feel
of the Assateague.

For my “Subaru Impreza” feel I use the Currituck :slight_smile:

I als have a SeaBird Designs NorthSea but that’s a different story… more like a fast car that it’s very hard to “drift” :slight_smile:

Couple of Cetus vids.


Cetus vid

I have a Cetus and fit in it fine at
6’3" 245 lbs. I will be for sale in a week or two once I put some gelcoat on the hull.

selling yourself?

I need to proofread more. I am willing
to sell myself under the right circumstances, however, at this time I am only selling the Cetus. Bill

Lots of good boats
Your Telkwa is a great boat - but probably not overly playful. IMO, neither is the Cetus very playful - better suited as a cruiser (like your Telkwa). So I would agree that the Assateague would be a great and more playful second boat and not be too much of a change from your Telkwa.

I also agree with the Nordkapp as a candidate if you find it stable enough (considerably less so than the Telkwa). Depending on your build, you might fit into a Valley Aquanaut. You could also try the P&H Capellas (which are much closer to the Assateague than the Cetus IMO.) The 173 would fit and maybe the 167 - which would be pretty playful.

If you want a different style of British boat, you could try the hard chine Foster Legend (which I love), but you would be towards the upper limits of that boat for fit. Give it a try. It can be very playful if you like to edge - or too hard to turn if you don’t like to edge much.