P&H Cetus pics

Some images of the new Cetus from Canoecopia are on Derrick’s Kayakquixotica Blog.


This is the actual production version. You’ll notice a few changes from the prototype pictured on the website, including a round front hatch and a slightly narrower stern profile.

Happy to answer any questions about the boat.

By the way, that’s the final production version of Kelly Blades as well. Some pretty drastic modifications to that from the proto.

–Mark (P&H Team)

I like the forward hatch

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Very nice, thanks for the link. Will you be considering adding the foreward hatch to any other p&h boats?

The color is a bit femme. Not for everyone...how about a black metal flake?


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is P&H's specialty...you want it in black flake, they'll make it for you.

Not aware of any plan to add the 4th hatch to existing boats in the line. Given the Cetus' place in the line (expedition boat), it makes sense. That being said, generally, they'll make any customizations to boats that you request.

have to
say I was impressed when I saw the boat. Seems like a great design and I can’t wait to demo it.

There was so much leading up to the release of the boat that I thought I would be disappointed when I went to see it at Canoecopia. But, I was pleasantly surprised. Like the foward hatch glassed in as well.

this could be the beginning of seeing
the fourth hatch among the major manuf.

I remember writing CD, Perception, others about the utility of this hatch—never got a reply. So P/H gets a huge vote of confidence for seeing the future. Even Prijon who offers it in their European kayaks had no interest in bringing it to the states, funny because Mirage didnt hesitate to ship me a kayak, QCC doesnt hesitate to ship a kayak. Cant wait to get my hands on a Cetus.

Kelly Blades is

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way cooler than the kayak. JK. If Kelly likes the lime green coaming then it must rule.

Kelly Blades taught me the hipsnap. Didn't try to kill me by drowning, just tried to kill me by making me do, oh, about 100 hipsnaps on both sides in the first session.

Very cheap chiropractic.

hip snap,hip snap.... I got-ta hip snap.

Those are fun pix.

Kelly Blades is
a ( :wink: ) Superman who can juggle 3 balls and knows a good joke :slight_smile:

Thigh Braces
I remember reading that the production cetus was going to have adjustable (whitewater style) thigh braces. Is this something that is still on the cards?

And the P&H site mentions a ‘Cetus LV’, do you have any news on this?

Cetus thigh braces - LV cetus
The Cetus is going to have the same Thigh Braces as the rest of the P&H Composite line (not Whitewater/adjustable type). There was some discussion about this - but opted to keep it clean. The New cockpit Combing/shape is elongated and easy to get out/in -

The LV Cetus is definitely in Developement - and hope to see them May/June…more to come.

Jim - Team @ P&H

LV Cetus
Just a deck chop, or less beam too (PLEASE!!!)?