P&H Cetus

Now that it has been about a year since some have had a chance to own and or paddle the Cetus, do those paddlers have specific thoughts on the pros and cons of the boat?

Not an owner, but…
Spent a day paddling a Cetus on Muscongus Bay on the coast of Maine this past July.

Fast boat that is easy to turn. Well mannered in chop and following seas. A very reassuring boat.

It is a BIG boat. Very big cockpit. Very beamy at the hips. At 6’, 175 lbs I felt I wanted less boat.

I reviewed the Cetus

I am on a low priority quest to buy another kayak

My review of the Cetus is below on my blog.


nice review of the Cetus
I’ve been thinking of adding one but everytime I look at the Lincoln Egg on the rack I know I’ve already got a kayak with those features, and I’ve given the British enough money for a while and Lincoln is an American Company, not that I’m suddenly a patriot with my kayak funds, but after looking over the composite T-165 that arrived this week I have to say that it’s now harder to send my dollars overseas. Another thing about the Tempest is the need/question of a big boat; well yeah I’ve got several large kayaks and quite honestly it is nice stepping down in size this time.