p&h cetus

hello my friends. i was thinking of buying a cetus mv. can anyone help with any info on the boat since its very new i have not been able to locate any reviews, even the regular cetus all reviews are old and basic. wondering if anyone has either regular or mv or even lv. and can give some input.

thank you

Well, there are two reviews here on

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For a long-term review of the Cetus LV read here:

You cannot do much better than Mr. Wilcox's eloquent reviews.

I see that you are in NYC. If you are looking to demo either the Cetus LV or MV your regional P&H dealer is just a train ride (Metro North line) up the Hudson to Hyde Park (exit @ the POK station). Call Marshall at The River Connection I am sure he can set you up: http://www.the-river-connection.com/

Paddling.net has two reviews.
Paddling.net has two reviews on the MV.

I think there is an echo in here ; - )

maybe I should read before I right.
maybe I should read before I right.