P&H cockpit outfitting news

Just got this press release and wanted to share:

Subject: New Composite Kayak Outfitting

As part of P&H’s ongoing development of British designed Sea Kayaks, they have launched new ergonomic outfitting across the popular composite range.

Featuring a vac-moulded seat unit, fitted seat pad and ratchet adjustable padded backrest. This new outfitting has been extensively tested in the harshest waters the British Isles can create and is specifically engineered to work within composite designs.

From true expedition designs like the Quest and the Bahiya to the popular family of composite Capellas, this new outfitting raises the bar

once again in British composite sea kayak design.

To find your local dealer check out www.phseakayaks.com

The rep sent me a couple .jpgs and it looks NICE!


can you post the pics somewhere?
Or email them to me, I’m curious?

you’ve got mail (NT)

Demo Day…
P&H has a demo day here this saturday… If I make it I will post my impressions…

Any opinions on the Bahija yet??? GH

oh lord
this doesn’t mean ratchet adjustments up above the thighbraces does it?

demo day
would you be kind enough to post more info the demo day?

I have my opinions
on the bahiya.

But they are based somewhat on my personal desires to see something new from P&H.

However it is a lot like the rest of their kayaks except in dimensions.

I think it is a really sweet kayak if you are looking for a medium/high volume cruiser. It is somewhat narrower and smaller in volume than the Quest, but overall it is really still quite big. It has a very buoyant bow and a largish cockpit, with the typical upwards swept deck near the cockpit. It is a steady tracker, but not surprisingly takes a good edge to get her to come around. It is fast too, certainly not the fastest but I felt it at least as fast as a sirius. I think overall it’s ok, but it’s not something you couldn’t get from a Sirius, or a quest. I was hoping for something smaller, and either more maneuverable with lots of rocker, to compete with the VCP Pintail, or the VCP Anas Acuta, or something that was a very fast low volume day boat. But apparently another expedition boat was what they wanted to build.

re: P&H Demo

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Scroll to the bottom of page....

Looks like I may not be there...:-(

LeeG, check out the shop news, one of your mid atlantic cronies found his way to us... GH

that’s how
most white water play boats are!

I don’t get it
so everyone is adjusting their backbands while sitting in the kayak with their skirts off and floating on the water?