P&H Outlander - what do you know?

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My 1st post on this is gone for some reason, so - reposting here...

Just got a used P&H Outlander kayak that seems in decent condition considering its age "from the 90s". Is there anything in particular that I need to check for to make sure there are no surprises? There are a few drops of water in the rear where the skeg is, and it seems epoxy has been applied not very carefully around there, so I will be watching this area. The three hatch covers are all new and the skeg operates very smoothly.

Very minor scratches on the hull so nothing seems in need of immediate attention, but this is my first fiberglass kayak and I am not sure what actually needs attention...

Also, it does not come with a back-band or support of any kind. Woud this be a problem for 1-3 hour paddles in general? I guess I will be able to answer this shortly myself, just curious of what others think of this.

On the short paddle I had in it on flat water with light breeze it did not strike me as a terribly fast boat but it seems very maneuverable without the skeg. Also seems to go downwind way easy without the skeg (my previous kayak was going up-wind).

Also, other than the 17" length, I do not know its specs - does anyone have a link or can post them here?

Finally, how can I tell what is it made of? The seller claimed "kevlar/fiberglass" but I have no clue - this thing is heavy, at least 55 lb if not more IMO, but sturdy

#23, made in 1994 -:wink:
I’ll tell you more about how it paddles later in the week.

This must have been a very rare boat - or just too old. Or may be unpopular? I can’t find a single reference for it, other than a post here from last year, placing it as the grandfather of some of the current P&H designs…

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