P&H Quest (ion)

To buy a kayak is never easy… I had almost decided what to get this time (a fiberglass Necky Chatham 17) and then I hear about this, what seems to be, increadible deal on slightly used 2007 P&H Quest in fiberglass. I am not familiar with that kayak at all and I have not found many reviews on it either. I am thinking that I should at least try it out but perhaps there are known issues with this model that could save me that long trip? Thanks for any input!

Beeg person’s boat

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Don't know your size, but it's sized to handle a big person. I know of some beginning kayakers who have gotten one with the thought of camping and much gear hauling, but the guys I know who have gotten a P&H boat for day/ occasional camping use have tended to go to the Capellas or, if they can find one, the Cetus.

The Quest (regular not LV) is described by P&H as a boat with added load capacity and a max deck height over 14 inches. That's not tall by older standards, but it's a pretty hunky deck height compared to the newer designs.It's also stiffer than the Chatham 17 when it comes to turning, as well as many of P&H's own boats.

It may be instructive to find out why the guy is selling it.

P&H Quest (ion)
Thanks for the input Celia! It is not a private sale, it is a store that needs the space for their new boats. I assume it is a demo boat. In any case, the also have the Capella 163 for a good price too. It has a lower deck which is good. The fact that the 163 is shorter probably makes is slower boat but I think I am OK with that as long as it feels good in the water and fits good.

Thanks again!

try searching
i have a quest, and love it as a camping/expedition boat. it is not a day boat. lots of reviews/discussion on this board over the years–tickle the search key.

Capella may be more useful/fun
Unless you are planning major kayak camping or expeditioning the Capella may serve you better than a Quest.

It should also be a more fun boat in which to play :wink:

Quest LV is sweet. The regular Quest is more of a load hauler.

Best Wishes


Do some demos
I would really urge you to do some demos, even if it means waiting awhile and possibly missing a good sale price on the boat.

I read your previous posts to see what size and weight you were, and what your intended use was - still couldn’t tell, but I did get a sense that you are fairly new to the sport?

Anyhow, the 163 Capella and the Quest are two very different boats for different sized people. The Quest is a load carrier and is usually recommended for an experienced paddler who is carrying a load - e.g. a guide. The 163 Capella is a general purpose boat for a smaller paddler, and would be a great first good boat if it fits. It is not a bargain if it doesn’t fit - something that takes some people (like me) awhile to figure out.

How tall are you, what weight and age and skill level now, and how do you plan to use the boat? That would be a good start to finding the right boat.

I am 5’11 and about 170 lbs. I have been paddling on the ocean for 5 years now. Most of it with my wife in a tandem. Now I need a boat that I can use for 5-8 hr trips max (no camping). I don’t know how to roll yet but I want a boat that I can develop that skill with. I tend to like the Brit style boats with skeg rather than a rudder. Initial stability is good as I might take a picture or too while on the ocean.

Yes, I agree that it is probably better to fully demo a boat than to get a qucik deal. I do have a dry suit and I think the store would be willing to let me try the boat this time of the year. But I did some more searches and it turn out that it is fairly easy to get a great deal on the P&H boats. I actually found an even better deal (1000 of miles from here though…). Perhaps the P&H kayaks drop quicker in value than other boats. That is something I have to factor in as the total cost for a boat is the purchase price minus the value you can get when you sell it down the road. Food for thought…

163 Capella could be ideal
for your weight if it fits. The weight range should be suitable for day paddling or light trips and it should be plenty fast as well.

The Quest would ride pretty high for you unloaded and would be less stable for you and harder to turn than the Capella. The Capella is a super general purpose kayak in just about everybody’s opinion. Mine and the ones I have seen are built very nicely to last.

If you are talking about the Quest LV, I am not familiar with that boat, but it would be suitable for your weight.