P&H Quest LV

Has anyone paddled this boat? Any info on how it paddles?


L V Quest
I have the regular Quest, highly customized to fit my six foot 175 pound frame. I love it, but only when loaded. Otherwise rides to high and weathercocks too much. I paddled the LV Quest at ECCKF and it fits much better, but it still rides high and weatercocks. It is basically a boat for camping/expeditions, not for day paddles. Also, not terribly good for an 84" GP–coming is too high all the way around. BTW, I also paddled the Impex Force 4 and found it to be a really sweet boat–at the moment, if I could only have one boat it would be either the Explorer or the Force 4, assuming that I liked the latter in the surf zone.

Force and surf
I am waiting to see opinions/reviews from folks who have managed to get one of these out in conditions or at least a little surf and swells. Especially if it is seen as an expedition boat that works as a day boat in the same way the Explorer does. The impressions from Demo Day events that I have seen/heard have been positive.

force in surf
I’ve talked to quite a few people who had the Force 3 and 4 out in conditions, and their reports are uniformly positive: neutral and predictable handling. Figure that I’ll try it myself one of these days. Danny’s sponsoring someone who is currently doing the Maine coast in a Force 4–be interesting to hear the reports. Danny also surfs the 4 pretty routinely.

word from Mark
Mark Schoon is the person paddling the Maine coast in a Force 4. The last I heard from him he is very pleased with the boat. Previously he would use an NDK Explorer for this sort of journey. As I recall, he is finding the Force 4 predictable, solid, and reliable.

used the force 4 for all his rolling demo’s at Canoeacopia this spring too. Said it rolled very nice. put on a good show

Best Wishes


Nice Boat
I paddled the LV with the kevlar/crabon layup. Very nice boat. Of course I wasn’t able to try it in conditions or even put it through it’s paces but in the controlled conditions I foundit to be a really nice paddle. Felt very similar to my Kajak Sport Millennium and also to the NDK Explorer. Talked with the rep a bit and he agreed. So I can’t really add much except say that it has a very similar “feel” to those boats. Very nice finishing on the boats and per normal with P&H.

I did paddle this right after the Nordcap LV and found the Quest a much nicer ride. The Nordcap felt like the seat was much too high (which can be fixed) and felt sluggish. Though I preferred this variation on the Nordcap to others I paddled over the years.