P&H Scorpio LC

Hi folks, I’m new to the forum and looking for advice. Looking at a Scorpio LV and wondering if it will fit? I’m 6’0”, 180lbs, 32” inseam, medium build, I think the cockpit and seat will fit well, wondering about peg position and foot room (size 9) feet.

The boat is 4hrs away so need some advice

I have paddled a Scorpio LV MK I a few times. I found there to be very little room for my feet (women’s 8.5, men’s 7) such that I had to splay my feet out more than was comfortable for me. Not sure if this changed on the MK II or which one you were looking at. I’m 5’7” so you may have even less room. Seat and cockpit were very comfortable but the foot position would have been a dealbreaker for me.

Thanks Brodie. Yeah starting to sound like tight fit for me. I have a Necky Looksha 7 which fits well and I don’t want cramped leg space.

I have a Cetus and tried all three sizes. Since they are very similar to the Scorpio’s, I can offer my thoughts. I am 6’0", size 11-12 shoe, 33.5 inseam, 212 lbs, medium build. The Cetus LV was too small for me to sit in it. The MV was tight, but felt very good, and performed well with nice gurgley “skid” turns. The HV was nice and roomy, but a little looser than I wanted. I bought the MV. I ordered it without foot pegs, and that works great, allowing a bit more room for my feet, not to mention so nice to have that freedom for my feet. The seat is fantastic, very comfortable and solid connection to the boat.

If I were in your shoes, I would see if I could go sit in it. That is the way to be sure, but my guess is you will probably find it too tight. If you get a chance to sit in an MV, I think that would be very helpful for you in making this decision. Perhaps you can find a dealer that has the two sizes in stock, that way you could compare?

I am much smaller than you, but also have US size 9 feet. By the time I put on my dry suit and water shoes over its dry socks, I’m up to at least size 10. I have a short inseam, which actually helps. Nevertheless, most LV boats I’ve tried would require that I cut off my toes to fit. I have not tried the Scorpio LV. In my case, the Valley Étaín 17.3 is more or less an LV and is fine. You really must sit in the Scorpio LV (or any LV) to see if you fit.

Get the MV

I’m same height but +15lbs.

The hull performance will be better with the MV.

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