P&H Sirius HF?

I’m looking at a used P&H sirius HF. I have heard of a sirius s (small) and a sirius m (medium) but what is an hf? I hear it means high foredeck. Is that bigger (higher volume) than a sirius m? Thanks. -Bryan

Found this …
on the web. Don’t know anything about the boats.


Sounds like it could be a sirius M.


Hf is M
See another page of the website above:


HF seems to be the older name.

High flotation, High falutin’, whatever

I love mine, but then its my first kayak so I can only compare it to what I’ve demo’d.

room under the deck for feet, plenty of capacity for camping. It doesn’t get blown sideways in a beam wind like a boat with a flatter bottom will. what I don’t like about mine, the cockpit opening is not large enough to raise your knees underway, and you have to enter feet first. The spare paddle park on the stern is neat.

It doesn’t turn until you MAKE it turn, so get D. Hutchinson’s "Beyond the Cockpit video from USK.

Siriusly confusing sizes indeed!
I have attached two archived postings below regarding the Sirius sizes.

I demoed and purchased a used Sirius HF (high freeboard) about a year ago. When at the shop I sat in a M, HF, and L. They are surprisingly rather different in cockpit size and deck height. I am 5’10", 28"inseams…and 220lbs. The M was too small for me…the HF fit beautifully. The L…larger than the HF was too large of a cockpit and higher freeboard…neither of which I wanted (though I could have padded it out.)

I ended up purchasing the HF…then traded it for an older model Diamante as I wanted the boat for taking pics as well…which is NOT a feature of the Sirius.

In the near future I will have completed a hybrid Night Heron (Nick Schade www.kayakforum.com )…a great performing boat…18’ x 20" with great tracking and fine manueverability as well…cannot wait!




HF & L
Apparently thier have been 4 different Sirius models, S, M, L, an HF. If I recall correctly the HF came in two different sizes. One model of HF is just an M with a higher deck, the other one has a slightly different hull, if you put it next to an M the water line is a bit longer. The one with the longer water line feels more stable to me.

the hf stands for high freeboard