P&H Sirius - Will I fit?

Need some help from those of you that have ever paddled a P&H Sirius. I found one for sale about 4 hours away from me. This is the type of boat I am looking for but it may be on the small side for me. I am 6’2" 185lbs. 34 inch inseam, size 11.5 feet. I don’t want to drive 4 hours and find out it won’t work out.

P&H Sirius

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comes in an S and M series. I've paddled the S and would rate that too small for you unless you like a tightfitting dayboat w. little freeboard. Even then it's iffy.

The M is more promising.

Either way the Sirius is a low decked boat. Feet 11.5 could fit depending on the water booties you wear and how comfortable it is to angle your feet.

A lot will depend on the year their Sirius was built. They can get the month/year off the last 4 digits of the serial number. IIRC what became the S model was the original, the M came later. And to my knowledge the boat is only offered in one size now. Here are the specs for it from the website:


You're in weight range, cockpit might be interesting given your inseam. You could compare it w. kayaks whose cockpits you can already manage.

Ask sellers to see if there's a model designation on or in the boat. Won't be foolproof, but ask for beam width at its widest, cockpit measurements (from inside the coaming, length and width) and foredeck height (from bottom to underside of foredeck). Compare those w. boats you own, or have paddled, that fit you.

Should be close
I bought my Sirius after they went to the one standard model linked above, so no extra initials with mine. I think they also labeled the Sirius M the Sirius HF for a while - high freeboard perhaps? It was the larger when they made more than one size.

I’m 6’ 190lbs. 33" waist, 32" inseam. I think all my kayak booties and sandals are size 11. I’m assuming mine was a standard layup - I bought it in-stock new from a kayak shop. I can just use the footpegs at the farthest reach, but opted to put 3 to 4" of foam in front of the bulkhead for a more comfortable fit and footrest. So I would think I could take a couple inches of the foam out, and you would fit fine. It has a more pronounced V running the length of the hull, and it has never been a problem fitting my size 11’s.

It’s 20.5" wide, but the seat in mine is a bit narrower than the seat in my 20.5" wide P&H Bahiya. I fit comfortably without any pressure at all against the sides, but with the seat in mine, you couldn’t be much wider between the hip bones and get a comfortable ride with that standard seat. People often swap out kayak seats though, and there’s a good chance it will be perfectly fine for you.

I’ll try to remember to grab a seat in mine if I get a chance later this evening to get an idea of how much extra room there is, but I think you should be fine.

if the seller has the S I’d be betting no.

if the seller has the M or the newer model currently produced, I’d be betting yes.

But so many things go into a good fit. Some we can make adjustments for, some not.

OP if you really like the concept of the boat (a fast somewhat tender boat for adventurous paddlers) make the drive, because a P&H Sirius doesn’t come up for sale that often.

There is also HF size…
…which you will fit.

Had one
I’m the exact size as you and needed an M (medium). I liked the S but it was way too tight. I had mine the first year it came out and ordered it and had the bulkhead pushed forward. You may have to move the foot peg rails forward or use the bulkhead. They might have corrected that in later years ?? I guess no tall Brits. back then.

4 sizes
Sirius S - no way

Sirius M - yea probably

Sirius HF/L - hell yea you’ll fit

The HF and L changed over the years, some are the M with a higher deck and some have a larger “footprint” in the water that carries the volume farther forward and aft. The one with the larger foot print is more stable.


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I'll see if I can get the owner to read me the serial number and model if it exists somewhere on or in the kayak. Also, there is a molded in recess on the back deck for a spare paddle. This may help determine what model Sirius it is. Right now, I'm leaning towards making the trip on Sunday. It's priced low enough I don't mind if I have to modify the bulkhead or move foot pegs. Thanks for the help everyone. I'll report back what happens.


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P&H Sirius "S" Model Year 1998 - Boat is in excellent condition; for any boat,even one that old. Previous owner's used boat very little.

Thanks, I was going to call today. Well if its the S model I’m out. I’ll give you a plug for the boat though.


Looks like a great deal for someone at $950.

I live too far away

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man I'd like that boat.

and the S is just my size.