P&H Sirius

Looking for results from folks who have removed the factory seat from the Sirius M and put in a low foam seat to gain a little initial stability while still being able to roll the boat easily. I have a high center of gravity and wiegh 220 at 5ft 10 inches .I love the fit in the Sirius cockpit but have trouble with the initial stability. My roll is new and undependable. I am considering purchasing a new Sirius. Has anyone out there already tried this?

I would highly recommend you check out Brian Nystrom’s website:


Check the archives here…for instance:


Also, if by chance you live in (or near) New England…check out the New England Small Craft Shop…a GREAT place to buy a boat!


I am 5’10" and 215lbs…just purchased a used Sirius HF there. They have a new Sirius L on sale for $1500. They also have numerous Sirius M’s for sale at under $2000.

I love the boat. Also…by spending more time in the boat you may be fine with the intial stability. I am currently rehabbing my boat…will include a foam seat as well.



Thanks for the info
I have read a few of your posts about your Sirius and was you hoping you might respond. I was told that the Sirius M is the same size as the discontinued HV. Also what is the Sirius L (I`ve not heard of that one.) Thanks again.

Apparently P&H has changed the sizing and/or description over the years.

After sitting in a bunch of these boats, I have found the following:

The Sirius M and the HF are definitely not the same. I fit perfectly into the HF, though found the M too tight a fit as I have large thighs. The L is larger than the HF. The L coaming is about an inch longer, and also wider…and the freeboard is higher as well…giving an all around larger feel to the cockpit. The HF coaming is about an inch longer than the M.

I initially planned to purchase the L (as it was a new boat for $1500)…and I liked the longer cockpit because I have a bum knee…but…the thigh hooks were at a poor location for my 28"inseam legs. Because of the longer coaming, the thigh hooks were too close to my knee and I couldn’t easily modify this with padding. If I was absolutely convinced that I would have this boat 4ever…I would have purchased the L, cut off the thigh hooks and padded out my own.

Thus far, I have been really pleased with the Sirius HF . I wouldn’t use the word ‘twitchy’ that is often used to describe the initial stability…to me it feels just ‘looser’…yup…all subjective terms…it just ‘feels right’. As an ‘experienced beginner’ I know this boat will be a great partner to learn the techniques I have been wanting to learn for a long time.

Let us know what you have learned and plan to do during your demoing of boats. I found the demo experience a lot of fun.