P&H Skeg Problems???


I have an Aires and have had a lot of issues with the skeg. In all honesty I have not used the skeg, but have deployed it on land to test its function several times and it always seems there is a problem.

The first problem was a function of the bungee coming off track on the rounded portion of the skeg fin. Got that fixed.

Now I have an issue with the skeg control getting stuck when deployed all the way down. It gets stuck to the point where I need to pry it back up with a screw driver.

The other problem (and more significant problem) is that I get a lot of water leaking in the boat through the skeg control. I will probably seal the skeg cable housing with some 3m5200, but don’t want to bind the cable such that it won’t move freely.

Anyone else have these problems and have recommended solutions?



None of it with my Delphin…
There were older versions of skegs that had issues. I don’t think the Aries is one of these as it came to market later. But worth a call to P&H or your local dealer.

Also, are you “pinching” the knob or “pushing” it when you use it? Don’t pinch to retract, just push forward as shown in this video:


As for the leaking - that should not be normal in big quantities. I have not tested mine specifically for this, but in white water use I have not noticed any troubling amounts of water entering the boat with a good skirt on from anywhere…

Famously trick skegs
Really like the boats from P&H but I’m glad they paddle well without the skeg. Many versions had troubles, the most recent did not. If your skeg slider bar is black then it is the latest model skeg system. If it is silver then it is the previous model.

Most of the issues can be resolved be a competent dealer who is familiar with the repairs and refits available for each model. I wouldn’t do it myself without someone at P&H or a dealer telling me just how to fix my particular model.

Call P&H
Call P&H and ask for Denver. He is the P&H Skeg Guru. He is very helpful at working through issues. If the skeg is faulty, he will Fedex replacement parts. I had a Scorpio that had numerous skeg issues. Denver was a great dude to work with. P&H has had great customer service with my past issues.

North America:

P&H US Office

2004-J Riverside Dr

Asheville, NC 28804

Tel: 828.254.1101

Skeg link- http://www.phseakayaks.com/skegSystem.php

Contact your dealer or P&H - USA

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I have had some sort of niggling issues with the skegs on all three P&H kayaks I have owned. Two of the boats had Version #1 of P&H's blue dyneema cord skeg system (I believe first released in 2007) and the third had Version #2.

Version #2 is a vast improvement over the initial. It is smoother and considerable more intuitive in operation.

I have worked with Marshall (The River Connection) and Dinver (P&H/Pyranha) to address my problems with great success. Even the skeg on my new 2013 Cetus LV had some initial glitches (e.g. excessive side-to-side 'floppage'), but that issue has now been rectified.

Two nice things about the P&H skeg system is that it is kink-free and is easily serviced.

This is what the older, version #1 slider looks like:

Here is Version #2:

Paddle well without skeg?
You must not own a Scorpio.

No skeg issues with my Aries, Matt - but I don’t use my boat very much due to it being for sale. It did take me a bit to get used to the “pinching” of the skeg slider though. If given the choice I would opt for a “no brainer” push/pull skeg slide control without the pinch.


P+H skeg
Call them…they are great. Had a lot of problems with mine, and was the black box one, they will send you the other style and you can do your self if need

ed. Easy as pie. I didn’t need to replace mine because the tips they gave me worked and all is good. I did learn that changing the bungee in the skeg box made the biggest difference of all. Very easy to do. Took 15 min. tops. was told they should really be replaced every year to keep them operating smoothly. I like the P+H skeg systems a lot. easy to fix.