P&H Tour 2?

I have been looking for a lighter boat and have found a P&H Tour 2, 14fr solo kayak for a great deal on craigslist, however, I am unable to find any information on the boat. Does anyone know anything about this model?

Its called a “Tourer 2” not Tour 2. Still havent found anything

Do you have a pic?

Never heard of this model, maybe something similar to the old Outlander?

Have you tried contacting P&H?

Here is a link to the picture. I will see what O can find on the model you mentioned.


well I bought it…
And this thing is super light. Its older and needs some TLC. But I love winter projects. 13’9" long and it is fast compared to the rec boats I am used to. However it likes to spin out when I really get it going, so I am gonna put a skeg on it like I did for the WW boat my GF got, it seemed to work perfect on her boat, and this one only seems to do it when going faster, so I expect similar results. The fiberglass seems really thin and it weighs in at about 35lbs, so I may add another thin layer of glass to it this winter. I am on a strict budget, but I think for another $200, I can have a pretty nice boat for under $500. I’m excited, I love projects like this!

Looks like
old style WW kayak from the one image that seems like what you are referring to… Not meant to go straight easy but to maneuver on moving water.