P&H Valkyrie

Anyone have a Valkyrie and being a larger paddler? thoughts? Experiences etc…

Marshall @ https://www.the-river-connection.com/ sells them he’ll know.

New generation was released recently.

Thought a composite model was coming out soon.

I’ve had the Valkyrie here at The River Connection but for it’s purpose it gets outclassed by the Stellar S18EXP or S18R (I prefer the EXP version)


I’m really curious about the Stellar S18, what is it about the EXP that you prefer to the R? What type of paddler would prefer the R to the EXP? I’ve just recently started learning about sea/touring kayaks and am trying to figure out which one to pursue as a long distance daytripper with the rare minimalist overnight trip.

EXP is Multisport hull for ruggedness but lighter in reality compared to literature. 4 hatches and Kevlar keel strip standard. 40-41lbs.

The R I find isn’t as predictable in its stabilities and doesn’t respond to a heel as well as the EXP. Different hull, actually the old S18S hull.

The S18 G2 is the two hatch version of the EXP. You’ll see the deck recesses for the other hatches and it can come in other layups than the Multisport.


They’re layup boats right?

I’d destroy a layup in no time, I’m tough on my boats, always bouncing off something or other just based on the scratches on my Tsunami. Long and short is, I’m not as careful launching and recovering as I should be.

Well I decided to go for a Tempest 170 for my son to kick about in, it’s fast enough and 18ft or less so it falls in the touring boat category for race purposes.

Then after paddling my sons 170 for a bit I went and found a unicorn and now have a Tempest 180 Pro. We’ll see how she does, when i get the keel guard for it and replace the Bungees. (I think Amazon delivered them today.

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So being that I found the unicorn of a Tempest 180 Pro, and worried about damaging the layup.

I’m hard on boats, remember…

I bought a roll of keel-guard, on amazon (found a good deal on it.) got 23 or was it 25 ft for around $50 and this weekend armored up the boat.

It’s not perfect, I got slightly crooked, but it should be good enough.