P&H Vela

I everyone, my wife would like your opinion

on the Vela from P&H. She is 5’2 and weight 125 pound.She would like to know more about the feel

and handling.



at her size, fit could be the defining issue. There just aren’t many choices in a high performance sk at her size.

My wife is 5’2", 95lb, and a decent paddler (WW background, likes bumpy water). After owning some, and testing lots, she got a Vela a year ago.

Despite what some may say on this board, she does notice the short length as far as hull speed, and sometimes wishes for a slightly longer boat. But the Vela does have a low wetted surface, so she finds it accelerates very easily, and is low effort at 3-3.5kn. It is at 4kn and above she is missing some glide (ps, she also paddles flatwater sprint boats, so the engine or technique is not the issue).

The boat does have a noticeable weather helm, but it is also extremely easy to correct (although the skeg helps a lot). In fact, the boats’ responsiveness is her favorite feature. Surfs well, easy to wheel around in a hurry, and even better when put on edge. She also says the feedback while on edge (secondary stability)is one of the best she has been in.

OK, maybe a tie for best feature- the fit was huge in her decision. One of the few boats where the coaming wasn’t up by her ribs. The snug but comfy fit is great, the lack of restriction for body movement was the clincher.

Ditto His Remarks.
I think the Vela is one of the few good day touring boats out there right now for small paddlers. The only other option would be to build.


What about the Impex Mystic?

that the Vela require less Hp to move.

Fun Boat
but slower than the Vela for a stronger, smaller paddler.


I agree…
I have a Mystic - and I really llike it. But I demoed a Vela and it is faster with less effort.However, in defense of the Mystic, I have had no trouble keeping up with longer boats.

back to fit
Mystic is a truly great boat, very “sporty”. Stable, reasonable to edge, very manoeverable.

For me, that is. I am 6’, 200+lb, and can paddle a Mystic. I cannot even get into a Vela, my lard butt will in no way fit.

Asked my wife about it (since she has paddled it), and she sez the Vela is lower resistance at nearly all speeds, and is much easier to edge. Still the only production boat where I have observed so much of her torso above the coaming.