P.net stickers on kayaks/canoes

Has anyone stuck any of the newer P.net stickers to their kayaks/canoes? I know the older ones would not hold up but I might put one on my Chromey if it will stay there for awhile.

The new stickers…
would certainly have to be better than the older ones.I have’nt got any of the new one yet but I’m sure I will later on.Good luck and I hope they last you for a while.


need to
I just got a new Jimmy and should get my new Vagabond in the next few days. Due to this I need to get new stickers. Plus I have only found paddling.net in the last few months. I really like this place and need to start collecting logo products. I think I will order soon so I hope they work well. On a side note are the other products of a high quality? I would imagine they are but have been suprised in the past.

On the truck and boat. Been wet
many times with no problems.


Have a shirt…
…and it is really nice quality.

I have my stickers on my boat as well. Unfortunately, it’s only been wet once since I put them on there, so I don’t know how they will hold up.

I have had one of the foil ones on my boat for about 350 miles now. It is holding up great.