PA Boat Launch Permit

I bought my PA boat launch permit and it came with two stickers.

Where on the kayak are they supposed to go?

I am assuming one on each side of the bow, but I can’t find anything to specifically tell me that.

Anyone on here from PA, know ?


Look on the back
It should tell you on the back of the stickers.

They go on the bow.

Above the waterline.

On a normal boat it would be the sticker…3 inches of space then your assigned number (PA-1234-AB )

3 inch tall numbers.

On a kayak your allowed to not use the 3 " letters if you dont want to.Because of how close it is to the water line and the lenght it takes up on smaller boats.

If the stickers dont stick on your boats plastic put the sticker on a board and lasch it to the hull like on a raft.

Just make sure it never falls off.

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Not on the bow
In Pennsylvania, registration stickers are displayed on either side of the bow, but Fish and Boat Commission launch permits are displayed on either side behind the cockpit. I don’t know where state park launch permits go. Hope this helps.


Your right
I have seen them on a few friends canoes,and they just have them up near the bow,easy to see.

And if you want to hit them all, the mooring permit goes in the middle of the boat on the port side.

Pa just has so many ways to take our $$$$.



Are they launch permits?
Mine have always been just one per boat and this is a quote what it says on the back:

Affix decal aft of amidships on the starboard (right) side of watercraft

Unless it has changed as you now get two stickers? It may say on the back of the stickers themselves as mine do - with previous “launch Permits” you do not put it on the bow as you do registration numbers.

Two types
There are two types of launch permits in Pennsylvania, those issued by the Fish and Boat Commission, and those issued by DCNR (ie state parks). We have those from the Fish and Boat Commission, and they do issue two per boat. Sounds like DCNR only issues one.


I have the one…

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from the PFBC, (2); There are no instructions on the back of the stickers. I bought it at a canoe dealer shop and they said to place it amidships on both sides.(for a canoe that is) Couldn't find a picture on the PFBC site didn't really have to time to do a big search either.

has it correct. PFPB gives you TWO stickers and DCNR gives you only one. They give you reciprical rights. You can buy either and have the same rights and privileges. $10/year/boat or $18 for TWO years per boat.

You affix them amid ship or just aft toward the stern.

just aft of center each side …

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...... if they are the yellow 5 sided w/year on them , PFBC "Use (boat launch) Permit" stickers .

I don't believe there is anything mentioned about the PFBC "Use (boat launch) Permit" location of placement on an unpowered canoe or kayak , on the PFBC web site , and they may not have instructions for placement when received .

I don't know what the Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of State Parks sticker look like (that's a mouthfull, lol), but that one is called a "Launch Permit" as opposed the PFBC "Use (boat launch) Permit"

I do know that if a kayak is regestered in PA , it doesn't have to display the numbers , only the Reg. stickers on the bow ... but a canoe has to display the Reg. stickers and the numbers , go figure ??

If you are really concerned after hearing from those who put them amidship , call or email the Commission or Bureau ...

pretty stickers aren't they !!

yellow 5 sided

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Yeah, these are use permit stickers. Yellow 5 sided. Says PA Fish & Boat Commission on them. There were no instructions on the stickers. I'll just stick them somewhere visible on the kayak.
I think there's a better shot of visibility on my kayak out on the bow above the water line, but I'll check it out. Being that there's nothing specifically in writing to tell me where to put it, sounds like it's up to me to decide.

I'm new to this having to sticker a kayak since I live in NJ. Never had to do anything like that here.

But I'm planning on kayaking a couple state park lakes this year.


No offense
But it is not up to you to decide. The instructions that came with our stickers specified the location. The boats that we’ve officially registered have their stickers near the bow. Those with launch permits have their stickers just aft of midship. I can’t remember where the instructions were; perhaps there was something in the envelope specifying the location if it wasn’t on the back of the sticker. I’ll find out soon - I’ve got to renew one of mine.


Temporary DCNR launch…
For what it’s worth…

I got one for launching at a couple of the state parks (Laurel Lake / Pine Grove Furnance and Caledona (sp?!) park) last year while camping. The lady at the ranger station told me that the temporary ones can just go in a pocket.

It was in October and no one asked nor cared if I had one or not.

There are actually three types.
So, again look on the back. If you register and title your boat you get two registration stickers from the PFBC which go on the bow. You can also get a launce permit from PFBC: 2 stickers which go stern of amidships. The DCNR launch permit goes on the stern starboard, I beleive. (It has been awhile since I bought one.)

No Offense taken

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No Offense taken. I live in NJ and bought the stickers at Cabelas on Saturday. The form I filled out had no instructions what so ever on placement. There is nothing printed on the sticker. They handed me the stickers and said Have a nice day. No other information with it

I've been online to the fish and boat comission website, the form there does not list placement.
There is nothing about a use permit in the Boating Agents handbook. I surfed around the FAQ's and everything else I could find. All I could find was placement on boat registration numbers for powered boats.

Finally just now, I did a google search on "pfbc user permit sticker placement" and got directed to some state laws listed at a site called and it stated.

Launch permits
must be displayed on either side of an unpowered boat in the middle of the boat just below
the gunwale.

But it sure as heck was hard to find and I only found it because I was looking extrememly hard for it. More than most other people would look I think.

If I visit PA
To attend a rendesvous do I still have to get a sticker?

Yes and No
No - you don’t need a launch permit to paddle at Lake Raystown, as the area used for the Rondezvous is under the jurisdiction of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Yes - you will need one if you are going on the traditional Little Juniata day trip … assuming they chose to use the Huntingdon PFBC site for the takeout.

Pa Permit Placement
The PA FISH AND BOAT permit is to go one on each side just forward of mid ship. hope this helps.

Official Placement

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Here is the official placement location for decals issued by the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

This is not even close to where the issuing agent told me to place them!

PA Launch
One each side a midship!

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