Pa Launch stickers

Anyone have a good idea on how to put on without it being permanent? Really don’t like the look of the bright yellow sticker on my Red/black kayak. thought about a clip on where the sticker is attached to something solid then clipped onto the kayak somehow…? Thoughts?


Not sure
While I’m no fan of the launch permit, I’m not sure how legal your idea would be. Trimming off the white border does a lot to make it less obtrusive, which is what we do.

The law is very specific.
The law requires it to be placed on the kayak. Considering every kayak out there will have one, appearance shouldn’t be an issue. They are far from permanent though and are easily removed, though the removal is permanent too.

Be thankful, some states require more than just a small yellow sticker.

i was afraid
of that. Been really babying the new kayak. about 20 hours in and just 303’d it to keep it looking good…hard to put that sticker on! LOL

I did cut down the white on one so far…but still hanging on to hope! LOL Still have my temp one in my wallet just in case…have 45 days…so about a month to left.

place sticker on
piece of lexan and then clip or Velcro on hull. You could velcro it on deck line too.

not all kayaks can take a sticker
I have 3 folding kayaks in my fleet here in PA and the stickers will not adhere to the nylon hulls, so I have the tags in those clear plastic ID badge holders that I clip to the decklines at the position where the state requires the permit ID’s to be located.

I also carry a copy of the registration paper folded up in a baggie in the boat in case a Fish and Game agent takes issue with this option and questions whether this is actually the permit for that particular boat. I could see why this would be important to keep people from using one permit for multiple boats. But, honestly, I have been doing this for 12 years in PA and never had a problem with it.

You might have a harder time justifying it when you have a plastic boat, but the worst that could happen would be the agent would make you put the sticker on right then.

educate me a bit about PA
are the stickers a statewide thing? only for certain launch sites? different rules for in state residents or out of state? In other words if I come to PA from WV when and where do I need a sticker? Some day I might paddle pine creek canyon, would I need one there?

Happy wading

Be Careful Applying
For those thin fragile stickers don’t allow room for mistakes and easily tear and crease.

did it
Cut out the white background and put it on…oh well.


PA launch permits
The PA stickers are state wide and are for launching at areas that are maintained by the State Parks and/or the PA Fish and Game Commission. They are not required for navigating waterways, just for launching and landing on those designated banks. Since it is not always clear if a launch point is state or not, it’s best to pop for the $10 permit every year since you can be fined or denied access without it. This goes for out of state paddlers also. The stickers can be purchased at state park and ranger offices or very easily ordered on line through the PA fish and game site.

Besides the sticker where required, in all PA waterways you are required to have (but not wear unless you are younger than 14) a PFD and carry a signal whistle. After sundown you have to have a white light with you. Besides that, no other rules.

or i could just skip paddling in PA
or wait until it is really cold and no one is out to enforce the rules

according to the rules I should have my boat registered to boat on the yough since Ohiopyle is a state park but they have their own rules they’ve made up special for themselves.

too much red tape! In the stone age I paddled on the Lehigh, a couple of sections of the Yough, Castleman, and Tohickan Creek. I did have to buy shuttle token for yough, pay a camping fine near Tohickan but somehow we avoided the parking fine but this is how the release event on tohickan was set up, and I got away totally unscathed on the Lehigh and Castleman. None of this makes sense but neither does buying a case of beer when you only want a six pack.

Sorry you feel that way
It is what it is. My outdoor club was one of many who strenuously fought the inception of permitting for human-powered boats here in PA many decades ago and we lost.

But there have been some benefits to the mandate. For one, having the sticker gives us paddlers cred with the power boaters with whom we often share crowded launching areas. The fact that they know we have also paid a fee for using the facilities has lessened tensions. And there has been more consideration since the fee began by the state in providing kayak and canoe specific launching areas, even some that are exclusively for our use. Ten dollars is a pittance and 2-year stickers are $18 each. I have 5 boats so it costs me $90 every two years. I wish the other municipal fees I have to pay were as minimal.

Seriously, you’d bypass our excellent streams to save 3 cents a day??

Specific Canoe & Kayak Launching Spots
Are the favorite places for parents to deposit their toddlers to splash around and impede put in and take out, despite signs posted.

Which in PA?
Like Willowleaf I don’t mind getting a PA launch permit.Its easy to get and easy to pay for and from what I see ( though I paddle the Conne-Alli-Kiski Sojourn the most) there have been massive improvements in water quality and launch ramps for paddle craft.

I have no idea how toddlers fit in. I suspect clyde has not paddled there. I haven’t seen any trash, diapers or otherwise.

I figure to paddle in all 50 states
before I’m dead and buried. I’ve paddled in almost half (23) of them already. Got PA covered already with five different river sections. So it’s all about the hassle compared to some other place I could go visit and paddle. I’m spoiled. WV doesn’t require paddle craft to be registered. There are only a few spots that require launch fees (mostly popular boat ramps on army corp lakes). I’ve simply avoided those few places in favor of something else. People are pretty laid back here in southern WV meaning I put in roadside/bridgeside quite often and haven’t been hassled yet. That might be different in the more populated panhandles of Wv.

PA regs say since WV doesn’t require registration I would have to get PA registration in addition to the launch fee sticker (if required) to paddle from state park land. Yet I know for fact that some of the PA state parks make up their own rules. There are really only 5 new places that interest me in pa. The Loyalsock and litle Loyalsock, Slippery Rock, and Stonycreek. I’m thinkin’ Slippery Rock and Stonycreek don’t require anything so I’m probably okay there. Don’t know about Pine Creek Gorge. I’ll assume the Loyalsock goes through World’s End S.P. so all the regs could be in place there.

one launch requires a permit, otherwise no

Trash & Diapers?
No way! Impede yes! After obtaining sticker (out of state residents pay a little more) from the ranger’s office at Marsh Creek Reservoir and affixing it to my Fenn Mako 6 surfski, I had to maneuver my ski, paddle and myself through groups of toddlers and parents (hovering over them in the water) utilizing the designated kayak & canoe launching area when entering the water and returning to shore. I can understand them using this tiny area because it is sandy and free of rocks. On weekdays and overcast days, the launch site is usually free of bathers. There’s even a neat store where I bought a $40 USCG pfd too. The reservoir is large enough to fit many forms of boating by residents and non-residents.

see that’s what I’m sayin’
if your going out of your home state for the day to do run in pa you find each place has its own rules or lack there of, so you could just register your boat and buy a launch permit to cover you just in case- or you can just go someplace else (another state) to paddle for the day.

If I drive up fri. night will the park office be open Sat. morning? I take it that there is a different procedure for registering the boat.

not worried about fees
just did not like the idea of a yellow sticker on my new kayak…sorry to get so many uptite! LOL

Funny, the last 2 weekends on lake Nockamixon had a ranger out in his smoke producing boat…he never said anything to me because I had my pfd on but showed no stickers on boat yet…he did stop anyone and escort off the lake If no pfd’s…