PA places to paddle

Ok you PA paddlers, we will be heading from NC to Mass, in the middle of this summer, and would like a good paddling layover to break up the trip.

We will be going Rt 81 to 84.

Got any good suggestions?

We will be hauling our travel trailer and our two touring kayaks. We are now retired, so time is not of the essence!

We like wilderness exploring; lakes, rivers, swamps or what ever flows.

Thanks in advance and cheers,


summer paddling in PA

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In the middle of the summer water levels are kind of low on the smaller creeks,but there is a nice half day run on the Susquehanna from Montoursville to Muncy.You can get shuttle service from

Delaware River…
from Milford Pa (route 84 crosses over it at the NY border) south to the Delaware Water Gap, a great area to paddle. There are many liveries in the area who could probably shuttle your boats and/or you, plus you might find a campground riverside where you could park your rig to paddle up to. Lucky You

Come see BMO!

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We are about 3 miles off 81N near Harrisburg.

Depending on water levels the Susquehanna can be run in touring yaks. Its also a great section to do an easy island camping overnighter.

I have crossed over there…
…many times, and we have alays said it looks like a great place to paddle.

And yes I am lucky. the Man upstairs has been generous to both my wife and I



Not too far out of your way (3 exits north of Rt 84 off the NYS Thruway in Saugerties NY.

Lovely place to visit,


Try the Delaware, great river year round and you can camp river side at Kitatinny

Check out

Crowds or solitude
The Deleware is lovely, but if you want any kind of quiet, make sure you go out during the week. Being retired has that advantage.

On the Susquehanna, the river is always said to be a mile wide and foot deep, but the canoeist can always find a good channel, you are seldom bothered by the waterlice, only fishermen in airboats, and the local variety is a johnboat with a lawnmower engine, not the airplane type Everglades variety.

From Liverpool to Clarks Ferry is a nice stretch, don’t miss seeing the paddlewheel ferry below Liverpool, its a 100+ year old institution. There is a deep( in the relative sense, 4-6’ in the absolute sense) channel across the rive at the ferry that is created by bulldozer during the dry periods. The ferry wall as it is called is the stones that the bulldozer pushes downstream when cleaning the channel. Getting by in a canoe requires scouting for the gaps in the wall, best channel is right by shore on the Liverpool (West) side. The river below the ferry crossing has a series of rock ridges crossing from bank to bank which create some pools and drops great for swimming, sunning and fishing.

Can give you more detailed info on the public access areas and river geography if you like. Grew up there before heading north to NY.

The Juniata is another gem to paddle and see the countryside, but won;t give out too many secrets online, like to keep it quiet.