PA, upper Lehigh river @ 1420cfs (Whitehaven-Rockport

I forgot my camera, so Paul shot this film for the day. My son and I are in the red Antix kayaks. He has 2 successful rolls for the day, while i had 3 swims (none of my swims were caught on camera… maybe i was too fast, lol). Claudio had a good roll, but his single swim of the day made it in the cut. We are all out there learning as we go and the only way to improve is to get out and run the rivers. Thanks Paul for leading the way down river and for filming our day.

good stuff, lots of peel out and eddy turn practice, boats with a slicy tail have a more aggressive learning curve (expect to swim more). You can’t do too many peelouts, eddy turns, and ferries- the foundation for running more complex rapids.

Thanks man. I seem to flip mostly on strong eddy lines… peeling out and occasionally getting into them. I can watch all the videos and read all about it, as much as i can… but the fact of the matter is… I have to be out there, in my kayak on the river and actually do it.

Here are some common errors with peel outs 1) not driving the boat far enough into the current before tilting the boat downstream (as a result you get turned right on the eddyline which is unstable and never really leave the eddy)
2) keeping your boat too flat as you cross into the current. Instead, think about mooning someone with your upstream butt cheek as the current hits the side of the boat
3) keeping you weight too far back on the stern, much less stable (especially with a slicy stern) so keep your weight forward and make sure back band is supportive

when in doubt, lean downstream and in a slicy boat keep your weight forward!

Good advice… thanks!!