PA, upper Lehigh river @ 750cfs

Did a nice day trip in PA down the upper Lehigh river on a damn release, 750cfs. We started at Whitehaven and ended at Rockport. I am still new to this and learning as I go… but every time i get on the river it is always so much fun. I posted a short video of the day trip…

thanks for sharing, enjoyed it

Good video. Sure looks like more than 750 cfs.


thanks. It was 750cfs… i did the same run last October and it was 1100cfs… and I could tell the difference… plenty more rocks this run. Being my 2nd time doing this particular section of the river, and being a newcomer and beginner to whitewater kayaking, I’m still learning everything, including the difference in cfs and how it changes the river. Thanks for Watching!!