pacific action sail sit in kayak

can a pacific action sail for a sit in kayak be used for a sit on top kayak …and any idea on how they compare to a hobie sail …thanks stan

Of course
I cannot see any reason why you could not adapt one to a sit on top. I’ve never tried the Hobie sailing kayak so I cannot compare them. I’ve tried many sailing rigs and the PAC is the easiest to use I’ve tried.

PA Sail for SOT:

I use a 2.2 sq meter PA sail on my Tsunami 135, to great effect. A friend of mine uses the HOBIE sail, mine seems a whole lot easier to use (I use the modified rigging plan). Furthermore, I can stow mine in a jiffy when things get ugly, aint the case with the HOBIE sail.

You’ll need more than just either sail to go into the wind (leeboard, etc.)