Pacific Action Sail

After following the watertribe race, I got curious about the Pacific Action sail some of the participants used. I had been thinking about getting a Balogh setup but did not want to have an erector set to put up each time I wanted to use it. So on the spur of the moment I ordered the Pacific Action Sail. 1.5 Square meter rig. Got it this past Friday but have yet to try it out.

Anybody got one? Like it?


Was this the downwind sail that was at the… I think Wildwasser booth at Paddlesport? I was looking at it but the salesperson was talking to another and didn’t want to interrupt.

Has a little window so you can look through it, but boy, blocks a lot of the frontal view… How to enjoy the scenery. Wondered how does one remove it too when on the water and in the kayak…

Let us know how you like it when it arrives!


I bought it over the Internet from Wildwasser about a week ago. At the show they had one mounted on a kayak. The guy I spoke to at Wildwasser (after ordering it) was at the show.


Video’s here…


Have two of 'em
wouldn’t leave the dock without one with me…either rigged ready to go, or tucked away in a hatch.


I sangged one out of the bargain baga
You don’t even want to know what I paid. I had it out yesterday for the first time. Of course as soon as I opened it the wind quit. With barely perceptible breeze I was able to move upstream probably less than 1 mph. I think it’ll work good for playing on large bodies of water, I don’t think I’d carry it on an extended trip.