Pacific Side of Baja Peninsula

Anyone here paddle the Pacific Side of Baja. 1200 miles from Cabo to San Diego, shoot for late June early July.

Really, no one…


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OK... I was hoping to see details too...

While I have not kayaked on the Pacific side, my brother and I did sail an 18' Hobie Cat from Magdalena Bay south to Cabo and back north in the Sea. We landed and camped on the beach each night much like sea kayaking. So I can only speak for that short stretch from Mag Bay to Cabo. The bay offers great places to camp and explore. The coast is pretty flat in that area, but the beach ranges from low angle where you can surf the swells into shore to very steep where the swells break right at the end and slap down on the shore - it's this type of beach that would scare me trying to land a loaded kayak... Unless of course, the seas are mellow. I believe the issues further north are related to the prevalence of rocky shores and lack of protection form the prevailing swells – so timing, luck and skill play a large role in safely navigating that stretch…

There's a book called Keep it Moving by Valerie Fons. She paddled a canoe along the entire Pacific coast of Baja (and more), so I'd recommend reading it to get a better idea - great read too.

Also, of course, you can fly over the coast and check out every nook and rock using Google Earth. =0)

Please keep us posted – sounds like a great adventure!


just a tiny part near Ensenada
at La Bufadora. So you’re planning on paddling the whole length? That would be quite an adventure.

The plan would be to paddle the whole pacific side. So far “Keep it Moving” and “We survived yesterday” have provided a lot of good info. However, what I’m trying to figure out is how the surf breaks of Baja compare to the surf breaks of Northern California. Hoping to find someone who’s paddled both. I maybe able to make two recon trips this year in order to prepare. The private property issues with beach landing in the Northern Section are also on the radar.

more info
Try posting your question/s on Baja Nomad - there’s a number of surfers and people on the forums that live on or frequent Baja’s Pacific side - they may have mas de la informacion that you seek…

Thanks, there’s a start. Some of the info that I am finding is old, 1991 time frame. Anything up to date would be great.


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There's a ton of info...

Baja Nomad
Started a thread on Baja Nomad, about the subject. Check it out, good info, and some really cool people.


Northern California is my home and I was
near Punta Abreojos last spring. They aren’t at all alike. Surf in Baja is more like San Diego than northern California.

It’s good to hear that, I took a beating paddling through Nor Cal.