Pack Angler Seat

Hi All, I installed a Pack angler seat in my canoe. I was surfing fishing canoes and saw someone had installed a YAKPAD.

I was wondering if anyone has installed a YAKPAD on their PA Seat? Which one? The seat only? or the short back/tall back seat and back combo?

Or maybe someone has tried something else on this seat? I’m thinking the hard plastic will get old on my butt. A folded cotton towel might work ok. But I was thinking more cushion might be nice. The YAKPAD is gel filled.


Or Skwoosh??
I ran across Skwoosh in my surfing. What about it? Maybe it fits the seat better? Or maybe the butt better?


I made a pad out of a pool cover. It has air bubbles in it and makes a great pad. I cut it to my seat size and glued four pieces together. It works great and the air bubbles havent popped after a year of use.

yak pad
I have an OT Otter with the hard plastic seat. I cut a piece of blue 3/8" foam from a camp pad I bought at Walmart. Glued it on and it helps. I have a Yakpad that I bought to put on my OT Guide 119, just the seat portion. Will let you know how it works. Right now, I am using it as a cushion on my oak desk chair and it feels really good.

Any butt pad makes a worldof diference. I sell hundreds of kayaks a year to fishermen and many back ,hip, and leg problems can be eliminated simply by adding a butt pad on top (or under) the seat. The pad can be simply a piece of closed cell foam recovered from the trash or can be gel filled which can run as high as $50. I sell a ton of the air filled pads from crack of dawn for $16. The seemto solve the problem and last forever. You can control the height you sit by how much air you let out.