pack canoe?

I was given a cull hull that looks like it may have been the first layup in a vacuum-bagged mold. The Kevlar/carbon hull has lots of blemishes. I cut the flashing off and finished the hull with ash. I mounted a Wenonah tractor seat four inches off the floor and a foot rest bar.

The hull specs are

max beam - 27"

max hull width at gunwales - 25" plus a 9/16" wide outwale

overall length - 14’-9"

minimal rocker

shallow V hull profile but less shallow than a Malecite

What hull is this or what hull comes close? Could the design be something not on the market? I think the mold was built by someone attempting to build and sell canoes.

I’m not experienced double bladed paddle. What length doubled bladed paddle would you suggest I try. I’m 6’-3".


Doesn’t match
Any hull from a major company in the last three decades, yet, if it was an infusion failure it was more or less recent

The width, which you may have altered slightly with thwart width, and the length, indicate Curtis vagabond, Hemlock kestrel, Colden vagabond, but all have noticable rocker.


thanks for the response
I think you (CEWilson) responded to my previous post regarding the molds a guy was giving away out of a storage locker. I got a cull hull from one of the molds that I couldn’t see because it was hidden in a pile of other stored material. The hull has what looks like vacuum bag wrinkles in a few places on the inner hull and some coin sized places on the outer hull where the carbon fabric is exposed, like the gel coat might have been pulled off when the hull came out of the mold.

I didn’t measure the mold but I was careful to measure the hull before I cutoff the flashing and installed the gunwales. The hull has no rocker, when it sits on a flat floor the rocker is definitely zero. The hull’s floor has a nice foam core and the hull is strong enough to hang a seat so I rigged it for paddling.

I’m a sitter not a kneeler and my solo paddling has been done in a Wenonah Prism and a Wenonah Wilderness. In the mystery hull I put the seat 4" off the floor and added padding to pad the hull around my hips. With the hip pads and the foot rest I can heel the boat.

The mystery hull tracks well, is fast, is light, the beam is narrow for easy single blade paddling and I can heel the hull to maneuver when necessary. I paddled the mystery hull about eight miles today and a couple of those miles was with a double bladed paddle (I tried out a 240 cm and a 280 cm paddle).

I think I’m going to be in the market for a similar hull. I like the new things I can do in this boat. For anybody who wants to recommend a boat I’m 6’-3", 225 lbs. I live in California where no one I know stocks solo hulls like the mystery hull. In the mean time I’ll paddle the mystery hull. It’s ugly and seeps water somewhere in the stern but the mystery hull is allowing me to try out a new hull design and some new found techniques.

Thanks for any comments and suggestions.