packing a rifle

i sprung for a 22 rifle, nostalgic shades of my youth. it will fit in my kayak, in the cockpit, fore or aft hatch. i can imagine taking it with me on adventures. i want a compact waterproof case, any suggestions? i’m not looking for advice about shooting over the water, safety stuff etc i am familiar with the responsibilities involved

Starlight cases and Pelican are both great, if pricey. But I don’t think you want a case, it’s going to add a huge about of bulk. Even if you can fit the rifle, you may not be able to fit a case. I don’t know if you got a Rem Nylon 66 type, or a Cricket or 10/22 or what. But I think a waterproof rifle bag would make it much easier to get the rifle into and out of the kayak.

Bow mount
it on a bipod and keep it coated with Cosmoline. The PWCs should give you lots of room. :wink:

Check these out
I just bought one of these 22’s for canoeing.The receiver and barrel go into the stock and the whole unit floats.The can be ordered at Walmart store’s for 136.00 and they are very accurate.

Not sure
where to find 1 but maybe a fishing rod bag might do the trick. Or perhaps a PVC tube if ya can find 1 the right size. I usually only carry a pistol when kayaking as the ease of packing. Synthetic and stainless steel is your friend for wet use.

mod the rifle…
to have a folding stock and it’ll be easier to pack away.

I wrap my rifle in a 5x8 tarp…
a friend has a water proof pvc gun bag…I need to ask him where he got it, been thinking about getting one myself…however the tarp wrap works fine for me…

Too Cooool!