Packing a Single Burner Propane Stove

I recieved a Coleman single burner propane stove as a gift and I really want to try it on my next trip. My question is, what is the best way to pack these stoves in order to keep them from getting damaged?? I thought about a tupperware type container? I use a plastic coffee can for my Coleman white gas stove and this works great but the propane stove is too big. Any ideas?? Please advise.


how about…
… a padded stuff sack?

I have the coleman dual fuel and I just wrap it in a washcloth and into the stuff sack. It goes in a rear pocket that is fairly protected.

more than one use
if you did use a tupperware type storage container it could double as a bowl for eating out of.

Once the unit is attached to the tank
Do not take it off until it’s empty. they can refuse to seal onces used. I have had to toss leaking canisters.

That’s very true
It doesn’t happen all the time, but I would say maybe 1 out of 10 half full bottles, after being unscrewed from the burner, will hiss.

I have one of these, and it is quite rugged. I never worried about how it was put in the boat. I use a medium dry bag for food and pots/pans/utensils - if there is room in there, that is where it would go.

I do take the bottle off. Haven’t had any leak on me yet, but based on the other responses, I guess I have been lucky so far.

i’m with Peter CA
and just throw it in the hatch, never had a problem but a shirt/whatever wrapped around is a good idea…the Coleman single burners are one reason I love paddle camping but in the last 3 or so years I’ve just used the alcohol stove

Padded Lantern Bag

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I bought a small padded lantern bag (Coleman) with a cinch string on top. It is just big enough to hold one Propane/Butane fuel canister, my Coleman F1 Powerboost single burner stove (w/ it's own little mesh bag) and a small towel to wrap and add extra padding to everything. The bag is about 4 to 5" in diameter and about 8 to 9" tall. I got it for $8 at the Coleman outlet. The towel pulls double duty as a pot holder when moving hot pots on and off of the burner.

I used one when I first started kayak
camping but in the salt water environment it is not rugged enough unless you protect it. I now use an alcohol Trangia stove which is indestructible and the burner is brass so no rust.

Keep the propane bottle’s cap
I use a Century single-burner propane stove for car camping. Every time I have removed the bottle from the stove, the bottle hisses. I can smell the odor they add to indicate escaped gas, too. But I just screw the bottle’s cap back on and that takes care of the opened cylinder.

Once in a great while I use a Coleman catalytic heater, which also screws onto the propane bottle. I always store the heater separate from the bottle and always cap the opened bottle. I’ve never had any gases escape from the capped bottle.

There’s no need to store the two
separate. The stove will not ignite the bottle if disconnected.

Should have said "separateD"
Done not for safety reasons but for ease of storage.