Packit Gourmet

Have you guys heard of this store?

I placed an order with them a few weeks ago and I was really happy with their service and the high quality of the food. I got a few meals - so far, they’ve all been good and the portion sizes are large. I might place another order soon. They have a bunch of ingredients so I might try to make something myself… That could be a big mistake though!

Interesting site
Great source for a wide array of ingredients, sauces, mixes etc. I will definately rey some!


anyone tried the eggs?
Wondering about the eggs? Any good? Any specific recommendations?

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somebody just referred to that site talking about bread!


I got an order of the Diner Deluxe Scrambled Eggs.

They were surprisingly good! I did not add the meat or salsa but it seems like they would be good that way too. One really cool thing was that they came with a little packet of ‘toastees’. They were kind of like little pieces of toast that you could mix into the eggs or eat on the side. Eaten with a bite of egg, it really did taste like you were eating a piece of toast with your eggs!

If you want to try to make something on your own, I’ve been reading good things about the Ove Easy eggs on other discussion forums. I haven’t tried them myself though so I can’t really give an opinion.

That stuff . . .
. . . is expensive! I looked at the dehydrated turkey, about six buck (in large quanities) for the amount of turkey that would cost me a buck in a can. Ouch!