Pacolet to Lockhart and beyond

Has anyone paddled the Pacolet River to Lockhart and then put in below the Lockhart Dam and continued on? Am considering that trip for this weekend and would like any information anyone has.

Thank you.

I have been told that you have to hoist your boat over a fence at Lockhart. I’d check with the dam operator, supposedly they have a shuttle service. Watch out for the dam downstream of Wood’s Ferry, I don’t know whether there are warning signs posted and its probably one that overtops in high water.

Thank you. I am familiar with the area around Woods Ferry - have camped and paddled there several times, but want to come from the Pacolet River to there this weekend. I think my husband is going to go to Lockhart and find out exactly what is involved before we make the trip.

Please let me know how that goes, I’d like to do that section someday.

wholly kamole!
i grew up in sparkleberry and played jv football, went to church, etc in pacolet…thanks for the memory jolt : )

Trip on Pacolet River
We made the trip this weekend. The put in on Hwy 105 is easy and the take out at Lockhart Dam required a few steps up a bank, but there were 3 of us and no one had any mishaps. The Pacolet was providing sandbars and a wonderful fragrance as we leisurely paddled and enjoyed nature’s offerings. The Broad isn’t nearly as enjoyable because it is soooo wide. No motor craft on the Pacolet and only a few on the Broad. We didn’t continue our trip below the Lockhart Dam, but know where the putin is and plan to do that soon.

We were on the water about 4 hours which included a lengthy stop for lunch and a couple of others to

stretch our legs.

Sounds like I need to add it to my
list of future trips.

Where do you take out in Lockhart, is it under the bridge? How do you get to the broad below the dam there, I don’t remember seeing any access near the dam.

Pacolet/Broad logistics
The take out is actually on the Broad River at the Lockhart Dam on the right. Walk up the gravel path to the building which will be to your left. There is a phone that calls the hydro station operator. Someone will come with a truck and take you to the put in which is below the hydro station. It’s located further down the canal type section. There is a dirt road to the put in. If you stand in the parking area at the hydro station and look at the water, you’ll be able to see the actual put in which is beyond all the rocky area. I think the trip from there to

Woods Ferry isn’t too long. I’ve paddled from Woods Ferry upstream several times, but not all the way to the dam.

Excuse me for being a bit slow here, but
referrring to the pic at the link below, do you mean that the take-out is west of hwy 49 on the south side of the river across from the dam that channels the river into the canal, or is it east of the bridge on hwy 49 next to the dam across the canal, next to the hydro station? Is there a road anywhere near the take-out?