Pad eye installation advice needed

I’ve got a SOT that needs some pad-eye installations. I’m about to order some, and lost the link someone else sent me awhile back. It had descriptions of different fastening methods and such.

Here’s my dilemma. It’s an SOT, so I can’t reach the inside. That rules out a backer with a nut and bolt application. Some of the pad-eyes will only be installed install for deck rigging and to hold gear. Rivets should be fine, but that means adding the cost of a rivet tool. I’ll also be installing a few that will hold a back band, and since this is a WW boat, those could get some heavy stress.

Someone had posted a link to a seller that described the different fasteners in great detail, and one option, I thought, included a self-sealing, non-rivet fastener that screwed in but created a backer much like a rivet, though appeared stronger to me. I’ve googled forever and can’t seem to find those while wading through the vast pool of fasteners.

Can anyone point me to what I’m looking for?


From what I’ve read on the Kayak Fishing Stuff forums, wellnuts are what you need:

I’ve done that with my Scramblers.

first column click on “customize” and you will find all that you need.

TopKayaker is very helpful and informative and equal to P-net but focuses on SoT.

That’s what I couldn’t remember!

Some more info, for others:

I finally found them on a search for “blind fasteners”, but had to wade through pages and pages of search results to find them.


Website for info…
Blind rivets work better than well nuts in plastic boats for the padeyes.

Go to and look for the articles on boat repair. It also is a good source for the rivets. A rivet gun costs about $12 at home depot.

Go with the rivets
The kind you want are shown here:

You don’t want the simple bulging type or well nuts which do the same kind of bulging.

I have had great luck fastening padeyes with rivets with my SOTs. If I can, I’ll also use a small washer inside so the load is spread evenly. I also use the RTV sealant to make sure the fit is tight and waterproof.

I carry my Torrent with the thigh straps on my shoulder, so the nylon padeyes are pretty tough and secure. They can break, but I’d rather the padeye break than ripping a hole in the boat.



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Rivets and rivet tool pretty cheap and easy to use. Works great installing padeyes. If you screw up, to remove one, just drill it out. Love rivets, they're so easy to work with. WW

YOS still on your case : )
The above ones from Dick are da’ kine … you can lift the boat with these.