pad eyes and alumimum gunwale

Need some advise on how to best add some pad eyes along the inside of the aluminum gunwale of a Penobscot 16. It doesnt seem too thick from the inside of the gunwale through the hull to the outside of the gunwale. I was thinking stainless screws but dont know if i can get them short enought to hold good with out going all the way through. I also thought about rivets but then again you are going all the way though and one side will not be flush. What to do? Can you help, I used the search option but didnt find any similar topics.

The hubby put padeyes on our Penob16
He pop riveted thru thru the hull and gunwale using longer pop rivets. We use them for a center flotation bag and gear tie down. A royal pain to thread in that position, but out of the way. The installation is 5 years old and still good.

Having said all this, Mike has worked on more plastic boats than us and may know of problems that can occur.

For a tie down I bought some
alum angle iron and cut it into about four inch lengths. I then pop riveted to my alum gunnels evey few feet. You can drill holes in the angle iron big enough to easily use bungy cords.

Daisy Chains
From Piragis and other outfitters (such as BMO and Rutabaga). These adhere with Vynbond cement and are strong enough for flotation bag retention.,5583.htm


Anybody else?

It’s been a while
More than 5 years ago, I installed pad eyes on the inside, underside of the vinyl covered aluminum gunwhales on my OT Penobscot 16. I drilled holes, and pop riveted them in. It worked great. There was just enough room so that the pad eyes are tucked away. They are tight to the part of teh gunwhale that is flush with the hull, and so threading the parachute cord requires some effort. I wasn’t thrilled at compromising the structural integrity of the gunwales, but as far as the physical execution of it, I can’t see why you think you have a problem. Perhaps your gunwhales are designed differently than mine. I have to admit that I haven’t paddled it in years now, since I got into soloing, but I have a strong recollection at being well satisfied with the results of the installation. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys for the advise I guess I will figure something out, not sure yet, got the pad eyes in today so maybe this weekend i will do something with them now that they are in hand, but I also like the daisy chain idea also. thanks again