Padded Canoe Seats with Backrest

I posted this in the main forum but figured this forum might be a good place to ask also.

I’m looking at adding some padded canoe seats with backrests to my 16’ Indian River that has ash slat seats now.

I’ve been using a throwable pdf for padding but want to get something with some back support too. Maybe something that leans back a few degrees. I mainly fish from my canoe so I need to be able to turn a little sideways at times to cast or land a fish. Browsed the internet and saw many options. Any suggestions from personal experience?



Bleacher Seats
LL Bean has good prices if you don’t mine having their logo on them.

I’ve Used Many
As someone who’s spent over a quarter century in healthcare I have a bad back from lifting people over the years. The Sitbacker has plenty of padding and support, but the metal support can get in the way at times. Crazy Creeks are better than nothing, but not really as much support. We have a couple slide on cane seat backs that I really like and then I use a Sealine inflatable pad for the seat. I’ll see if I can find a link to a pic of my setup. WW

Found A Picture
If you look closely you’ll see the padded canoe seat on the stern seat. Bought it from Campmor, here’s the links. WW

I went whole hog
Granted my canoe is a free Scanoe I picked up and as such I have taken the opportunity to play around with options I wouldn’t have dared to use in a more expensive or valuable boat.

Anyway, I added a bench seat between the thwarts, used a jon boat style clamp, and put in an inexpensive bass boat seat that does not have arms. Total cost using scrap lumber, getting the clamp on a closeout, and buying the seat at a sale is about $12.50.

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crazy creek canoe chair
This is really comfortable the pad is pretty thick comes in high and low back. I prefer the low back style

Those Newer Crazy Creek Chairs…

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...look a bit more substantial than the older ones. I like the looks of that and 1.5" padding sounds nice. I would reccomend the lower back model too, as the higher the back the more likely it will interfere with your paddle stroke. WW

Crazy Creek Canoe Chairs
I have two the Crazy Creek II and the Crazy Creek III and like both of them… only difference is that one is a bit rounded on the seat and snaps front to back and the other is more square and and snaps side to side.


crazy canoe
Which one snaps front to back? That’s the one I need for my slat seats.