Padded canoe seats

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I'm looking at adding some padded canoe seats to my 16' Indian River that has ash slat seats now.
I've been using a throwable pdf for padding but want to get something with some back support too. Maybe something that leans back a few degrees. I mainly fish from my canoe so I need to be able to turn a little sideways at times to cast or land a fish. Browsed the internet and saw many options. Any suggestions from personal experience?

I don’t want to hijack this thread
but I too am looking for a padded canoe seat. I would like to get one that is a gel pad but that will fit a web or cane seat as opposed to the tractor type seat. I do not want a back (I find them too restrictive when paddling.) Any ideas on where to look?

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For ones with…
the back, I have a Crazy Creek Canoe Chair. Skeptical at first but it’s well padded (for me)and suprisingly, the back supports me quite well.

seat pads
I like the Bell pad; it’s really made by Cooke Custom Sewing. Best part is that it attaches really securely to the seat because it has straps that go front to back and also one that goes side to side. Many other pads wiggle around under you.

Not sure how many choices are out there for gel pads. I recently got a “Sqoosh” (spelling?) pad and it’s definitely comfy…it also raises you up about half an inch.

You can use dense cell foam to sit/kneel
on and rig a backband. I like the backband because it’s out of my way. I like a separate seat pad because I can use it or not and it’s easy to clean.

Bench seat padding (cheap)…
…buy a surplus sleeping pad at an army/navy store-ugly color. Cut it to fit your bench seat, as many layers as you wish. Buy 2-sided velcro strapping at Home Depot, cut to fit, and secure ends of pads to seat. Simple, effective, cheap.

Cascade Designs self inflating pad
I like my Cascade Designs self-inflating canoe seat pad. It straps onto a bench seat and the level of inflation can be adjusted for optimum comfort. The only minuses are that it does not wrap around the front of the seat to provide padding when kneeling on the edge of the seat and there is no back support. Got it from Campmor.