Padding for Werner foot pegs

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At the end of a day long kayak trip, I found the balls of my feet temporarily very sore. (wore thick soled Chotas). Several kayakers showed me their cockpits with pegs removed and filled with foam, as a remedy. I also looked over the webshots of members here that have done such.

I am hesitant to do this for four reasons . . . I vary my footpeg distance based on seasonal footwear used, I may install a bulkhead footpump, I like the stretching room between pegs when needed, and I sometimes swap boats.

Quite simply, are there ready-made gel-like pads to adhere to my Werner pegs? Might it be as simple as just adhering some cut mini-cell blocks to the pegs?


Footbar system
Several out there…here is one of them by a master craftsman in San Diego.

I have seen this one and the beauty of it is its very light, strong, and can be adjusted so your boat can be shared.

footbar system

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I might be concerned, looking at the web photos, about foot entrapment underneath.

I took pieces of MiniCell foam, cut them to the size of my footbraces, cut them at an angle and then contact cemented them to the footbraces. Actually made a huge difference in foot and knee pain I was having.

Still plan on taking them out and installing foam braces against the Bulkhead. Seems to be the Ultimate option…

Do you know, offhand if …
they work with a Sealline rudder system?

Bulkhead padding…
…does not need to block access to room between the pegs or prevent adjustment. You can use separate foot pads glued to a thin backing and can change the position by inserting or removing 1/2" or 1/4" layers of padding. There are pics of various bulkhead footrest arrangements in my Webshots albums at: